Monthly Horoscope July 2022

Monthly Horoscope July: All Important Astrological Events for the Zodiac Signs

Geminis have a great July, closely followed by Cancers and Leos
July 2022 monthly horoscope

How will the month of July be for all of us, whether we're working, or perhaps already enjoying our holiday season?

Here is our analysis for all Zodiac signs. We discuss the most important planets, leaving out the Moon, as it changes signs every 2.5 days. It is responsible for our emotional sphere, subconscious, and moods. Its position can be seen in our daily horoscope.

The special qualities of the most important planets

  • Venus stands for love, art, and pleasure
  • Mars stands for strength, courage, and initiative
  • Sun stands for self-confidence, vitality, and well-being
  • Mercury stands for communication, logical thinking, and willingness to learn
  • Jupiter stands for morality, higher education, and fulfillment of wishes
  • Saturn stands for restrictions, depression, karma, responsibility, discipline, and thriftiness

Where do these six planets stand in the month of July?

Venus is in Gemini until 19th of July. From 19th of July in Cancer.

Mars moves through Aries until 6th of July. From 6th of July through Taurus.

The Sun moves through Cancer until 23rd of July. From 23rd of July through Leo.

Mercury is in three signs at once. Until 6th of July in Gemini, from 6th of July to 20th of July in Cancer. and from 20th of July to 31st of July in Leo.

Jupiter continues to move through Aries

Saturn continues to move through Aquarius

Whenever a planet changes signs, the angles (or aspects) to the Suns of the individual Zodiac signs change, whereby there are basically three categories: good, neutral, and tense.

This is how the stars align in July for the zodiac signs:

  • Aries (birthdays: 21 March - 20 April)
  • Taurus (birthdays 21 April - 21 May)
  • Gemini (birthdays 22 May - 21 June)
  • Cancer (22 June - 22 July)
  • Leo (23 July - 23 August)
  • Virgo (24 August - 23 September)
  • Libra (24 September - 23 October)
  • Scorpio (24 October - 22 November)
  • Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)
  • Capricorn (22 December - 20 January)
  • Aquarius (21 January - 19 February)
  • Pisces (20 February - 20 March)

Monthly horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

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