Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope

You're reluctant to let your partner have a say.

Horoscope love

Love and partnership

You're reluctant to let your partner have a say. Your healthy self-confidence is a great thing – but it could be difficult, if you can't resolve any differences without making your point stick. A little more modesty and willingness to make compromises can ensure reconciliation and warmth between you and your lover. Even if you're single, you should take things more easily.

Working life

Your assertiveness and preparedness for action are at a high level. Accompanied by the will to prove yourself you don't want to pass up any challenges. You constantly have to show what a great person you are – much to the annoyance of your colleagues! It would be far better for you to immerse yourself in your work and surprise them all with what you can accomplish.

Horoscope Health


Find a suitable outlet for your energy before it adversely affects you're thinking. Properly assess your options; make maximum use of your physical potential. Endurance training would be exactly the right thing for you. In this way you can reduce tensions and stress, become more self-assured and not get instantly wound up whenever you're in an awkward situation.

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