Scorpio Weekly Horoscope week 7

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Scorpio this week

Love and partnership

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You're lucky that your uncooperative mood and frustration is accepted by your lover.

You can't rely on this. There is a chance that your partner is also frustrated and inflames the situation, instead of reacting in a considerate way. To keep things from escalating, you should try to incorporate tolerance, patience and understanding to get through the tough times ahead.

Working life

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You're unduly thoughtless and rather competitive.

This conduct doesn't necessarily endear you to your colleagues. When engaging with clients, this attitude also won't be successful. If you don't control your rash conduct, people will think of you as uncooperative and not very service oriented. Therefore, stop being so pushy, you'll only get back what you give out!


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You have to take more care of our health than usual.

If you're feeling irritable this can easily upset your mood – avoid fatty and hard to digest foods. Be cautious when training; even if you're fanatical about extreme sport or martial arts, it would be far better to take it easy or even take a break. You're lacking the necessary concentration that can lead to mishaps.

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