Weekly Horoscope No. 26 2022

New Moon in Cancer and All the Important Astrological Events of the Week

Horoscope for the 26th week (27.6.2022 - 3.7.2022)
Horoscope for the 26th week (27.6.2022 - 3.7.2022)

Monday, 27 June 2022: Moon conjunct Mercury - Mental alertness

Moon and Mercury form a conjunction with each other today, which will cause mental alertness and a good grasp of things. - Fine, wonderful, we'll gladly accept that. But some of us, especially the mostly agile and active go-getters, might think that they are always mentally alert.

This is by no means the case, and even the super-active are not always so. But today, with this spiritual activity emanating from the Moon and Mercury, additional impulses are coming to our souls that may have a special quality. Of course, these impulses will be very different for each of us, individually attuned.

At first it is usually only "little things" that come to our attention, but then something could be done with them. Today, for example, we could respond with interest to a question that otherwise leaves us cold, and then something gets going. A beautiful conversation in any case, if we show a lot of empathy and thus a willingness to love, which then delights us.

But it could develop into much more. We could be made aware of an interesting idea that might benefit us. It could also be a unique idea that comes to us and that we take up and develop, and that has so much in it that our whole life develops positively as a result. - Everything is possible on such a day, you just have to follow it very attentively and be ready to accept the opportunities.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022: Neptune turns retrograde

Mars and Saturn form a favourable sextile today, which is why we now have enough strength to take care of difficult problems that need to be solved. And since this positive constellation will last for about five days, we should start right away, because then the prospects for success are also good.


The resistances are there to be overcome. This is the positive view of things, which leads to us learning a great deal, through which we also always develop upwards in our character. However, this also presupposes that our actions are carried out according to moral principles.

In actions without moral principles, there are often quick successes in the material sphere, but the soul does not develop upwards, but downwards. With the result that the weakened soul then has a negative effect on our body, which at some point begins to fall ill.

Neptune turns retrograde until December 3, 2022

The planet of higher love, inspirations and meditations turns retrograde today, and this means, among other things, that we now get the opportunity to nurture the spiritual life more if we have neglected this important component in our lives recently.

Wednesday 29 June 2022: New Moon in Cancer

The sign of Cancer encompasses the maternal, the family, the community, the home and the homeland, and now that the New Moon is in this sign today, all these important areas are also strongly addressed for us.

In principle, the new moon always stands for a new beginning, since the union between the sun and the moon symbolises a birth. The question is whether all the other conditions are also good, so that this birth or the beginning of a new enterprise of ours will also be successful. For the conjunction of the Sun with the Moon alone says too little about the course of further development.

This time there is a very positive further constellation, namely the positive connection between Venus and Jupiter, which promises love and wish fulfilment. But there is also a critical angle, namely the square of the conjunction to Jupiter. This means that we could be seduced with our project into unfinished goals, or even goals that are set much too high. Jupiter in the square can also be like that. It makes us overshoot the target, although at this time we think our goal is quite realistic.


Now good advice is expensive, so to speak. But it doesn't have to be, namely if we have people in our family, relatives or good acquaintances who have both feet on the ground. And the compromise would then be the middle ground between our perhaps exaggerated ideas and the overly anxious ones of the so-called realists, who would never in their lives dare to undertake a project that shows even a hint of uncertainty.

Thursday, 30 June 2022: Avoid excesses

And these precious forces are triggered by the square between the Sun and Jupiter, which kicked in yesterday but is still working today. The square only points out to us not to exaggerate, since Jupiter can have this sky-high-cheering quality in it, - after which it is followed by being saddened to death, as Goethe wonderfully put it.

So excesses are to be avoided when dealing with Jupiter in square to the Sun, and reason is to be used. Then it will be possible to cope with the difficulties which may now arise in these days, from certain people. So the views of these people should be carefully examined, - all arrogance is to be avoided, - and then one will also gain the goodwill of these people.

And compassion also belongs to Jupiter, and if this next-loving quality is allowed to show, there is little to stand in the way of future togetherness, which has not yet been apparent.

Friday, 1 July 2022: Lots of love

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter and Venus in positive connections today, so we will benefit from the good qualities of both planets. These constellations bring about a good mood in us, goodwill, a cheerful disposition and a loving attitude towards others. And Venus additionally stimulates our artistic talents, which we should therefore also embrace today. Bringing a bouquet of flowers into our home is just as much a part of this as warbling a little song to ourselves.


And Venus also has a good power of judgement in matters of value as well as taste, which is not always appreciated accordingly. Although these are qualities that are always particularly noticeable in women. Not that they are not also present in men, but in women they simply seem more convincing somehow. Probably because the ideal of beauty that works in them causes a very natural competence.

Advantages through women could take place

While we're on the subject of women. - The advantageous Moon Jupiter conjunction today also promises benefits through women. I always look forward to that, yes indeed! Which of course is not only true for men, but also for women.

But if various people think they have come away empty-handed, there are of course various reasons for this. For example, because they didn't go to places where numerous women were milling around, because they had to sit at home to work.

Or also because one has not yet earned it to be pampered by women. The angels know this, because they are responsible for the karmic connections. Because before something can be justified, a service must first have been rendered, which you will then get back at some point. That is the before-and-after principle, you could say, colloquially speaking. Or as the moral order of heaven elegantly puts it: To him who gives, shall be given.

So if we don't get benefits from women today, we know about it. 

Saturday, 2 July 2022: Powerful assertion

Three influential constellations come into effect today that could become important for us, with only one positive angle among them, and that is the trine between Mercury and Saturn, which will give us rational thought. It also gives us organisational talent and a creative combination of intellect and sense of responsibility.


The square between Mars and Pluto could have a critical effect on some of us today (and also in the next few days) if we do not control ourselves and therefore approach our fellow human beings in an unrestrained, opinionated and argumentative manner. Restraint is therefore very appropriate today. In extreme cases, this constellation can therefore be characterised by ruthlessness, brutality and violence. There is also the danger of accidents and injuries for all of us, which is why it is important to take good care and ask the guardian angels for protection. They reliably always help.

And the third constellation is the square between Mercury and Neptune, which also has all kinds of negative things to offer, but which we should reject as far as possible when they come our way. These include deceptions and self-deceptions, confusion, improper behaviour, mental depression and possibly distastefulness from others.

Sunday, 3 July 2022: New acquaintances possible

The Moon is favourably conjunct Mercury and Mars today, which is why we can expect certain pleasing occurrences that could also bring honour to the Lord's Day. The Moon in sextile connection with Mercury always ensures pleasant communication with people, but also indirect communication with people through letters, mails or telephone calls. And trouble is hardly in sight today in these communications. And if it should happen that someone should really cause us trouble because of his particularly bad individual horoscope, then he will soon be gone, because the general constellation is stronger and will soon provide a good mood again.

And the Moon in positive trine with Mars gives us a lot of strength and agility today, which will also put us in an entrepreneurial mood, which is why we are very amenable to suggestions concerning leisure activities, for example. And these are already good prerequisites for good success.

To you, dear readers

i wish you a good week, good thoughts and many positive influences from the stars

Kurt Franz

and the entire schicksal.com staff team.

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