Aquarius December 2018  | photo: ©  psynovec -

Monthly horoscope Aquarius December 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in December 2018?
Aquarius December 2018  | photo: ©  psynovec -

Monthly horoscope Aquarius December 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in December 2018? Scroll down

Monthly horoscope Aquarius December 2018

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December – Venus and Mars in High Form

The sun will remain in Sagittarius through December 21st, continuing to form a quincunx aspect that points towards reorientation. If you need to make a change, now is the time to take action. Then the sun will be moving into Capricorn and into an oppositional position. As you might expect from an opposition, during this time you can expect some other people to simply have opinions that differ from your own. This is a good time to practice your tolerance. But it can be difficult to maintain your composure if you feel like others are against you. That’s just how things are sometimes. During such times it’s especially important to trust in yourself, even if others are telling you what you’re doing is wrong or even working to undermine you. That’s how you grow trust in yourself. If you feel you are being attacked during this time, take the opportunity to focus on yourself. Although you might prefer a more positive response rest assured - you’re sure to enjoy it later on.

Time to Make a Career Change?

Mars will be moving out of retrograde on December 6th, so you can expect things to be much more normal in terms of communication after this time. In its quincunx position, Mars will encourage you to consider whether everything is as it should be in your career, or whether you should make certain changes.

Venus will be moving into Scorpio at the start of the month. It will feel very comfortable there, which is sure to benefit Cancers. This will be a great time for love, family, and friends. Everything beautiful and good in the world will come to the forefront. You might receive small gifts during this period, which will be a good time for handling financial matters. You’ll also enjoy lots of social occasions. All of these benefits will continue all month long!

Mars will be in Pisces the entire month and in a very good position, meaning Cancers will continue to receive lots of energy. You’ll definitely need all that energy in the hectic period before Christmas.

Jupiter Encourages New Beginnings

Jupiter left its position in Aquarius on November 8th and moved into Sagittarius. This changes how it affects your life. The planet will be shifting the many challenges and benefits it provided to Cancers for so many months to other signs instead. Cancers simply need to accept the quincunx aspect - the aspect Jupiter will be in during this time - which indicates a period of reorientation.

Monthly horoscope Cancer December 2018 | photo: © arthurhidden -


This will be a very good time to focus on education - perhaps to take some continuing education classes after work, for instance, and become a specialist in your field. Jupiter is certain to repay you for your troubles later on, as the planet prizes idealism and serves as its most enthusiastic representative. The thing to do now is to be as much like Jupiter as you can.

Continue Practicing Patience

Saturn will remain in opposition to Cancer, which means you can expect delays and obstacles in every area of your life. Things might move at a snail’s pace at work, for instance. You might start to feel impatient, or like you’re making (almost) no progress at all. Your focus during this time will be on learning patience and on being satisfied with the few things you are able to get done as well. After all, that’s what Saturn symbolizes. The planet has learned to make do with the little that’s available during this coldest of seasons.

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