Monthly horoscope Sagittarius December 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Sagittarius in December 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Sagittarius in December 2018?

December – Mercury Helps You End the Year with a Bang

The sun will still be in your sign, Sagittarius, through December 21st. Sagittarians will have their birthdays before this date, so congratulations are in order. Your sign will still be the center of attention. Typically, you should have enough energy during this time to set your projects in motion. These will shape the course of the coming astrological year. When the sun enters the sign Capricorn on December 21st, its energy will wane somewhat. You will need to take more personal initiative if you want to achieve good results.

Retrograde Period Finally Complete    

Mercury will finally be finished with its retrograde motion on December 6th, so you can once again expect more normal circumstances in your career and communications. When Mercury enters your sign Sagittarius on December 12th, any career matters or communications will be more highly favored. You’ll enjoy a clear mind, good timing, feel more flexible, and be able to express yourself very well in writing and speech during this time. You’ll be making and receiving lots of phone calls, and other people will be communicating with you more frequently. These pleasant circumstances are likely to continue through the end of the month.

Month of Love   

Venus will only stay in its advantageous position in Libra through December 2nd, after which date it moves into the sign Scorpio.

In doing so it will give up its positive sextile aspect, however Mars and Pluto reign over Scorpio. They could augment the effects of Venus if they decide to do so, which could make this a fiery month for love. Of course, if you get too much of a good thing - or if Mars and Pluto get a little too rough - this might not be as great as it sounds. Instead, the planets could conflict with one another and cause conflict. Everything depends on Mars and Pluto deciding to behave themselves. We’ll just have to wait and see ...

Controlling Mars’s Energy   

Mars will be in the sign Pisces throughout the entire month to continue forming a square. You should be careful during this time that the powerful energy of Mars doesn’t turn into aggression. Conflicts will be all around you, so be forewarned. This is a good time to take lots of walks and get fresh air in remote places. Don’t get too worked up, but instead look for ways to avoid disputes.

Jupiter will be in your sign, Sagittarius, and will remain there for almost a year. During this conjunction of the planets, the willpower and strength of the sun will combine with the expansion and development of Jupiter. The optimistic character of the two planets will bring lots of luck. You will be able to expand your social influence and achieve your goals more easily. Since Jupiter is in charge of religion, philosophy, law, and higher education, projects focused on these issues, as well as projects that serve the common good, will be favored during this time. Be aware of the planet’s divine charity this month and let it take root within you. At the same time, the planet warns against arrogance and overestimating your own abilities. Jupiter can be as arrogant as it wants; after all, it’s a god. You, however, are not.

What Does Saturn Want You to Focus On?   

Saturn will also form a semi-sextile for Sagittarius throughout the entirety of 2018, meaning it will only have a weak effect. That’s good news. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive aspect, you should expect it toremind you of past errors – ones you might be making again from time to time.


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