Monthly Horoscope Taurus March 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in March 2018?
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March – Personal Initiative Equals Success

The sun will remain in Pisces forming a sextile, which promises good times and could offer favorable opportunities. Someone might show up in your life to offer help, and most of the time you’ll be able to make the right decisions through intuition. This is a time to enjoy the small successes in life, so try to feel satisfied. The sun will be moving to Aries on March 21st, your neighboring sign. It will provide only weak support from this semi-sextile position. If you want to achieve anything during this time, you’ll have to work hard. This won’t be a bad time, however.

Mercury’s Support Flattens Out

Mercury will still be in Pisces during the first week of the month, which means this will be a very good time for your career and for communication. Be sure to take advantage of it. Mercury will then enter Aries starting on March 7th, creating a semi-sextile like the sun. This is a positive aspect, however you’ll have to work a bit harder if you want to keep achieving in your professional life. Starting on March 24th Mercury will be in retrograde once again. This is a good time to proceed carefully in everything you do to make sure you don’t slip up.

Venus will be in a similar position to Mercury. It will also be in Pisces for the first week of the year, which promises a pleasant and balanced period during which your love life should continue well without a hitch. It will also move into Aries with Mercury and the sun on March 7th. This will still be a positive period, but might wane somewhat in intensity. But who knows: personal initiative can overcome lots of obstacles!

Don’t Waste Your Energy

Mars remains in Sagittarius to form a quincunx aspect, meaning this is a good time to consider whether you’re using your energy in the right areas or whether you should think about realigning your life.

Monthly Horoscope Taurus March 2018 | Photo: © -
A boost of energy 

Mars will then enter Capricorn starting on March 18th to form a very positive trine with great impacts in the areas of drive and energy. Other people will treat you with respect. You’ll also know exactly what you want and be able to achieve your goals with ease. This boost of energy from Mars will also have a highly positive effect on your health.

Jupiter Warns Not to Overestimate Your Abilities

Jupiter, which is associated with growth and expansion, could continue to bring new opportunities in all areas of your life. But since it’s in opposition, you should make sure you’re not overestimating your ability to capitalize on them. It’s extremely important now to carefully weigh these opportunities, considering them critically and realistically. Otherwise you might really overdo it.

Saturn will continue to have a stabilizing effect on Taureans. Whoever works hard now will reap the rewards later. During this time, you might face so many obligations you really don’t know how you’ll handle them all. Unfortunately, that’s just how Saturn is. It’s all about obligations. And that’s Saturn’s good side!

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