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Statistic has about 780K unique visitors per month (1M visits) with 3 million page impressions (April 2020). 80% of the visitors are female and interested in astrology, horoscopes, and similar topics. 75% of the users are surfing with their mobile. We are online since 2015.


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By the way: Our website is ad-free for all paying customers who have created a user account.  read more

Horoskop für Montag, 4.10.
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Horoscope for Monday, 4 Oct: Mercury and Jupiter now basically favour the whole area of communication, and among them also trade and change.  read more

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Horoscope for Sunday 3 Oct: Jupiter's luck, in conjunction with Mercury, opens our minds and therefore makes us aware of favourable opportunities which we should then take advantage of.  read more

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