The Goat

The Chinese animal zodiac sign of the Goat is sensitive and has a sense for beauty.

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Goat


Represented hours of the Goat: 1h p.m. - 3h p.m.

Cardinal direction: South South West

Season/ month: Summer /July

Fix element: Fire

Parallel zodiac sign: Cancer

Positive characteristics: sensitive, in good style, sence for aesthetics, peaceable, creative, helpful

Negative characteristics: shy, jealous, weak, pessimistic

Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Goat has a sense for aesthetic.The zodiac sign of the Goat is fond of having an individual and appealing ambiance - maybe there is exquisiteness on the stage. They like to spend a small fortune on the beautiful things in life.

Their characteristics sound harmonious and restrained

The harmonious Goat avoids being in some quarrel. The Goat prefers to show passive resistance. So it made a good decision and chose the right path - therefore most of the time it succeeds. The Goat should not finally be underestimated. Underneath its skin, there is to be found a strong willed personality.

However, the Goat could gain what makes it ambitious. Some preferred lucky ones in life and on the way to fortune.

The Goat is warm and friendly. Many persons feel attracted by the Goat’s charisma. The warm-hearted character of the Goat can give its compassion - it is an excellent adviser – even if you don’t consequently want to listen to it…

The Goat is highly emotional and cannot resist this exceeded sensation – it often appears weak towards outer influences. Criticism is a harsh setback, and the very sensitive character makes it sad and sulky. It appreciates recognition and would like to be praised - and then it feels fine again…

The good Goat is a timid and restrained one. The charming Goat shows curiously attractiveness towards the opposite gender – it could also represent a happy family. Its jealousy makes it impossible to approve unfaithfulness.

On a professional level, the zodiac sign of the Goat is suitable for artistic specialization. The Goat might always be well-advised entering the sector of aesthetics - with its particular sense for aesthetic perception. But if it might feel pressured – leave it!


Ideal partner:

Pig, Rabbit


Goat, Snake, Horse, Dragon

Moderately suitable:

Rat, Monkey, Tiger, Rooster, Dog




The five elements of the Goat

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