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Chinese Horoscope 2023 - Year of the Rabbit

From 22 January 2023 to 09 February 2024 – Here’s the Astrological Outlook for Every Zodiac Sign
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2023 - The Year of the Water Rabbit
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Breathe deeply and enjoy! The exciting Tiger Year is now followed by the Lunar New Year on 22 January 2023, ushering in the relaxed and pleasant Year of the Water Rabbit, which lasts until 9 February 2024 .

Longing for Peace

The focus is now on the beautiful sides of life. We want to let  our souls dangle and enjoy peace . We now focus less on what causes us stress and worries and more on what is good for us now and what increases our well-being. More relaxation and ease in life  is now our declared goal. Maybe we start with meditations , redesign our cozy home or go more into nature. We should ask ourselves what makes us suitable and try to integrate this into our everyday life.


Our Goal: The Perfect Work-Life Balance in the Lunar New Year

Career is now secondary. Sure, a lot can be achieved even in the Rabbit year if you have a precise goal and know what you're working hard for. But a hare knows when the batteries need to be recharged and how a sensible work-life balance works.

Being together with our friends and family  also becomes especially important now. Rabbits are known to be born listeners; accordingly , we open our hearts and ears.

Strengthening Relationships

Anyone who started the year 2023 as a single person now has a good chance of  finding new love in  existing relationships, whether friendship or partnership, gaining substance, and becoming closer and more profound.

Water Rabbit
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A Year of Diplomacy

People come together  on all levels of life. Many have no desire for confrontation now. We wish for conciliatory and diplomatic solutions to conflicts , be they private, professional, social, or political. This gives us hope!

Of course, the pleasant sides of the Rabbit Year also harbor small dangers. Because while relaxing, one tends to forget one's duties. Unpleasant tasks are bypassed . But will that bring the desired success? So, the motto in the Year of the Rabbit is: You snooze, you lose!

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First, find out which  Chinese zodiac sign you have - then you can read your horoscope here:

The animal signs in the Year of the Rabbit


In general, this year is also enjoyable for the Rats. Especially in the job, things can go up now, and well-organized undertakings are successfully set on their way. Within family life, however, minor problems may arise. The Rats should avoid misunderstandings and get them out of the way as quickly as possible.
All about the  Rat


For Buffaloes in particular, the Rabbit Year positively affects their relationships: There is cuddling and love! It wouldn't be a big surprise if one or the other Buffalo chose this year for his wedding or engagement. The whole family is moving closer together.
All about the  Ox


The freedom-loving Tiger could also get it in the Rabbit year: They feel the urge for family security, and should they have found the right partner, nothing is in the way of a wedding! (ok..actually..). Professionally, things are progressing, but probably too slowly for the Tiger.
Everything about the  Tiger



This is their year! The Hares have a happy time ahead of them. After the exhausting Tiger year, they are now hopping into the professional fast lane at a rabbit's gallop. Financially, it can also now be highly advantageous to them. The Rabbits will certainly not run out of money this year!
All about the  Rabbit


The Dragon benefits from the relaxed Rabbit year. They go their way calmly and in a good mood. Whether professionally or privately, particularly turbulent events do not await the Dragon-born now. So, sit back and relax!
All about the  Dragon


A Snake feels less relaxed in the Rabbit year than the other signs. It experiences a fast-paced and passionate time. The Snake has little time for the essentials and chases from appointment to appointment. They can lose their otherwise calm and cool head.
All about the  Snake


Things are simply going well for the Horse! There is harmony in the family and financial gains in the job. If Horse-born people have been planning a major trip for some time, now is the right time.
All about the  Horse



It's an excellent year for the Sheep: They are carried by their partner on their hands, and their relationship is characterized by teamwork. If the Sheep is single, they can find a suitable life partner. And professionally, things are also going well!
All about the  Goat


For the Rooster, the Year of the Rabbit means examining their relationships. They should try to meet conflicts with diplomacy and heart. Even within their professional life, the signs point to teamwork. Egoistic solo efforts could be punished.
All about the  Rooster


Whatever the Dog tackles this year, their undertakings are under favorable omens in the Year of the Rabbit. Also, the Dog does not lack the necessary motivation and energy.
All about the  Dog


The Year of the Tiger was not particularly easy for the Pig. Not everything goes smoothly in the Year of the Rabbit either. But all in all, the Pig feels new energy and can increase and improve professionally. And if things get stressful at work, the Pig will certainly find its haven of peace this year in the bosom of its loved ones.
All about the  Pig



After the somewhat stressful Tiger year, the Monkey is now more relaxed. They can now skillfully use circumstances for the success of their plans. The time is ripe for new ideas, and there is harmony within a partnership.
All about the  Monkey

The Years of the Rabbit

  • 02. February 1927 to 22 January 1928 (Fire-Rabbit)
  • 19. February 1939 to 07 February 1940 (Earth-Rabbit)
  • 06. February 1951 to 26 January 1952 (Metal-Rabbit)
  • 25. January 1963 to 12 February 1964 (Water-Rabbit)
  • 11. February 1975 to 30 January 1976 (Wood-Rabbit)
  • 29. January 1987 to 16 February 1988 (Fire-Rabbit)
  • 16. February 1999 to 04 February 2000 (Earth-Rabbit)
  • 03. February 2011 to 22 January 2011 (Metal-Rabbit)
  • 22. January 2023 to 09 February 2024 (Water-Rabbit)

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