Gemini Sun / Leo Rising

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Gemini Sun / Leo Rising
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Leo Rising/Gemini Sun

This combination gives way to an exuberant personality that enjoys fun and is larger than life! People take notice of this character who must have the spotlight on themselves. The Sun (Apollo - ruler of Leo) and Mercury (Hermes - ruler of Gemini) combine to make a beautiful pairing of talents and gifts in the arts such as writing and music.


In fact, in Greek mythology they were brothers, and Hermes gave Apollo the lyre and ordained that he become lord of the musical art, and Apollo gave Hermes a shining whip to make sure he was lord of cattle herds.

This person will have a good set of hair. If it is a woman, hair will be long and luxurious, flowing like a waterfall down the back, sometimes with a hint of red dye. The man here will usually have hair that is not conventionally cut, but longer than the usual and balding is not too common.

The body will usually be quite thin and well-toned, and the person will take much pride in his or her appearance; after all, the world is taking notice of them!

There is joie de vivre and an excitement for life. Words are exceptionally important and communication must occur every day in song, written words, through acting, or even just picking up the phone and having conversations with many friends.

Movements are quick - they are here, there and everywhere, like little birds jumping around, catching the morning worm, then flying off on adventures, watching over the Earth to see where new excitement lies.


When it comes to health, the heart needs to be paid special attention to making sure not to raise cholesterol levels. Also, the nervous system needs to be kept in check with all that Mercurial energy. This person will love to drink coffee, so possibly cutting down a bit on caffeine will help. This combination often lends itself to having many children, sometimes even twins.

As the Midheaven of this chart will be in Taurus, financial stability is of the utmost importance to this person. As they will have been blessed with beauty in this combination, they may have a modelling, or acting career, as well as a career in music. They may become politicians as well.

This combination makes for an extremely creative individual who may bring communication and art together in a fusion and produce new art for the world to see. They will also make wonderful chefs, working quickly around the kitchen, and creating masterpieces.

When it comes to love, other Leos and Geminis match well, as well as Aries and Libras. A close second would be Aquarius and Sagittarius although there will be opposing views, but much physical attraction.


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Leo rising, this person needs to be happy when they wake up. It's important that they are in a positive mood the night before and everything is in place when they wake up so nothing stops their day. They need to get in the shower and start singing songs like Roxette's "Dressed for Success."

Famous Leo Rising/Gemini Sun People

The list of people who have this combination include Donald Trump (a proud lion that has to be noticed under any circumstance) and the late Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful women to ever grace cinematic screens. Johnny Depp, one of the most talented and beautiful actors known today started out in music and is a perfect example of this combination, as well as supermodel Heidi Klum (who has an infectious personality and is always happy), who constantly creates special projects for television. Twins, actresses and fashion moguls Mary-Kate and Asley Olsen have this, as well as the ever-brilliant musician and actress Alanis Morrisette who won many Grammy awards for her first major album


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