Year of the monkey | Photo: © Uryadnikov Sergey -

Chinese horoscope 2016

2016 is the year of the Fire-Monkey. We expect a period of time which represents progress and many suprises!
Year of the monkey | Photo: © Uryadnikov Sergey -

Chinese horoscope 2016

2016 is the year of the Fire-Monkey. We expect a period of time which represents progress and many suprises! Scroll down

Chinese horoscope 2016

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From 8th February 2016 to 27th January 2017 the year of the Monkey is represented in the Chinese animal zodiac cycle. For the period of 2016/2017, it is combined with the element of fire. The last time, such a combination happened, was in 1956. The year of the Monkey is always representing a period which is titled as a year of courage. Doubts don't make sense at all! Now the pacey year full of experience, occurrences and incidents has already arrived – personal ideas, individual conceptions are gaining the focus of individual development.

Spontaneity and taking decisions are on the move. Persons who are of this kind make it easier compared to broody persons. Quick ones get more opportunities to make the best of it… and that’s what opportunity is. Despite everything there is space for prudence – in the year of the Monkey do not neglect your origin and attitude toward your very point of view. Pacey periods are seducing…

The year of the Monkey, on the whole, represents profit and gainings and representative actions. Plans and projects based on ideas and promises – never there might be a better moment to seize the chance.

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The Rat in the year of the Monkey

Rat and Monkey promise good communication. No commentary is required: the year of the Monkey spells a fine year for the Rat! Concerning profession and career, the Rat has a good intuition to adopt negotiation skills on a business case. Promising progress is naturally celebrated together with its friends and family. Those, who are friends with a Rat, are looking forward to the next party!

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The Ox in the year of the Monkey

The Ox with its down-to-earth attitude might have some problems with the mentality of the Monkey. The year of the Monkey implies personal engagement favored by advancement and rapid decisions. Those who rest and relax are too slow for the pace of the race… The Monkey does refuse these tendencies of behavior. And this means stress for many among us! Maybe one or another issue tries to escape the quick run by bullishness… But on the other hand exactly this particular drive is required to the Ox: Must make it tracks. Those who have already predestined purposes and plans are now favored and just have to take the active part. Try to escape, if the pace of change is too quick for one of you – make a rest and do not blame for doing that.

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The Tiger in the year of the Monkey

The Tiger and the Monkey are no best friends at all and show tendency to reveal immoderate conflicts. Consequently, the Tiger should have a keen eye for what happens around all the time… The unexpected appearance of surprising issues may cause a stir! This might expose an exaggerated reciprocal interference – no way out! Everyone has to keep calm: Tiger, Ox… united. You need a deep breath and think closely what could be your next step… Follow the steps and by carrying out, you, daring Tiger: this year could be your prosperous and fortunate one...

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The Rabbit/Cat in the year of the Monkey 

The sensitive Rabbit might feel unwillingly driven by the ordered pace of the Monkey. Rapid and dramatic changes and challenges are on the stage and perform their best role. But it does not mean they cannot find their ways. During the year they might have performed a lot and the big match and the big race should soon be done! Relax a bit now – you would have already deserved it. You not on top of the hill, but you run the race at your own pace. The family is your ideal haven…

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The Dragon in the year of the Monkey

Besides the Rat represents the Dragon another favorite for the Monkey. The year of the Monkey is a challenge for the Dragon, and if it acts skillfully well enough, it would occur a significant progress on career and equally on a personal level.
But this could just happen when the energetic Dragon would control its temper… and thinks twice before jumping – just step by step and avoid freewheeling... it may have a destructive effect. Despite all, the Dragon will blunder into one or another trap and, however, might meet some bad surprises.

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The Snake in the year of the Monkey

Wise Snakes are famed for thinking twice and thinking profoundly and acting considerately later. Those abilities may support them to master the confusing thrills during the year of the Monkey. Tempting offers must be reviewed.  Be prudent and cautious – act with consideration and perhaps be sufficiently skilled to avoid bad surprises! On the whole, it won’t be easy, but with the proper distance and view on essentials, the Snake creeps wise as it always does.

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The Horse in the year of the Monkey

Persons who are/were born in the animal zodiac sign of the Horse show agility and impatience. The year of the Monkey is exactly to the taste of the Horse. Pace and presence are required: No problems are posed for the Horse! But that, in turn, is the danger. Neglection of being heedfulness and mindfulness causes serious difficulties. The Horse could avoid such situations – then it might bring the Horse success and fortune.

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The Goat/Sheep in the year of the Monkey

The sensitive Sheep or Goat might feel unwillingly driven by the ordered pace of the Monkey. Rapid and dramatic changes and challenges are on the stage. The Sheep might sense a certain loss of orientation during the year of the Monkey - this animal zodiac sign maintains access to the fine sector of aesthetics - with its particular sense of aesthetic perception, and there is not enough space for it. However, it is that what is needed here.  Anyone is required to free it from its restraint. The year of the Monkey will show many chances and opportunities – and it approaches the realization of them consequently. Nothing ventured, nothing gained may be the suitable solution. It may not be easy and nice most of the time but an exciting year is expected most certainly!

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The Monkey itself in the year of the Monkey

This year is its choice, of course! The Monkey has luck on its side and operations are easy to perform… It is of no importance for the Monkey which areas of its life are concerned: Fate is kind to the Monkey.  Despite all positive signs it may be considered not becoming credulous or even the gullible victim. Monkeys are ambitious, and thus they need to take a breath occasionally. The family is the Monkey’s perfect haven for relaxation…

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The Rooster in the year of the Monkey

Various turbulences in the course of the year challenge the self-confident Rooster. Born in the animal zodiac sign of the Rooster it must be mentioned they are more endangered to make wrong moves and decisions that make them leave their advantageous path finally... So the motto should be announced like this: The result of the run should reveal the return to its peculiar natural and pronounced characteristics. One of it reflects the talent to keep calm and level-headed when the circumstances in highly emotional situations are kicking over the traces… If this is heeded and taken to heart, the Roosters may experience a profitable and successful year to all intents and purposes.

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The Dog in the year of the Monkey

The reliable Dog is always a reliable partner and can really looking forward to the year of the Monkey. Luck is not always on their side but there are pronounced hard workers - and finally they succeeded. On personal matters are shown pretty development. Even perhaps one or another meaningful event or celebration is announced…   The prospects for the future are pointing to valuable encounters with other people.  Those who are enabled to realize journeys should definitely choose! Cultural exchange offers and provides guidance and this is what they like – the dog needs clear orientation and understanding.

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The Pig in the year of the Monkey

Hooray! The year of the Monkey gives to the animal zodiac sign of the Pig a great part of enthusiasm and energy. Their projects do not succeed at the first try but at a later stage the friendly and hospitable Pig has qualities for making good friendships. It just has to let in the powerful support.  When it is admitted the animal zodiac sign of the Pig could acquire knowledge and experience. In respect of holding the purse strings it must be deferred to another year but it could be prepared to find another solution… The cornerstone for later success has been laid.

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