Astrosofa Oracle


The Astrosofa Oracle can help you answer a question that concerns you and whose answer you already know subconsciously.

The Astrosofa Oracle can only give you a good answer if you ask a good question. You already know the answer to your question. It is just hidden inside you. The oracle should help to make the unconscious conscious.


It does not help to ask the oracle a question several times. It is always the first answer that counts.

How do you ask a good question?

You have to take time to think about the question. Do you even want an answer to this question? Have you perhaps already answered this question for yourself and are just looking for confirmation?


You want to ask, "Will X marry me?" This is a yes/no question, so it's inappropriate. On top of that, you are actually presupposing that you want to marry him/her, which means you don't want an answer from him/her at all, but from someone else. Only the partner will be able to answer the question if he/she already knows an answer, you don't need an oracle for that. But what's more interesting is how a marriage with this partner would develop. So you might ask the oracle, "How will the relationship develop?"

You want to ask, "Does X love me?" The Oracle can't answer this question; you have to ask your partner. You can, however, ask yourself if you really love him/her. When you have answered this question to yourself, you can ask the oracle how the relationship would develop.


If you are in love right now, here are a few words from good old Goethe:

If it's buzzing in your head and heart,
What do you want better!
He who no longer loves and no longer errs,
Let him be buried. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Good and bad questions to the Astrosofa Oracle

How old will I be?

The Oracle cannot give you an answer to this question. Of course, we hope you will become very old! It is certain that you will leave the stage one day. What would change if you knew the answer? Would you arrange your life differently? If not, why do you want to know the answer? Now it gets complicated: Suppose you now knew how old you were going to be. If you would change your life because of that, why wouldn't you do that if you didn't know the answer? That is, you probably don't want to know "how old will I get" at all, but simply how your life will continue to develop. So, it's really a matter of figuring out what's important to you.

Will I be rich?

We hope you will be, of course! But the Oracle will not be able to answer that. Perhaps because it has a different understanding of "wealth" than you do. Surely you have already imagined how you would like to become rich, haven't you? Would you like to win the lottery? (To do so, you first have to place at least one bet. But even then, the probability is very low; we can tell you that even without the Oracle). Would you like to marry rich? (Do you have the chance to meet "rich" people and convince them that you are the right choice? Is that really desirable?) Would you like to become rich through work? (Is that possible at the moment? What would have to change for that to be possible?) Or is the question simply about wanting to know if you will be better off one day than you are now? What will it take for you to be better off?


How long will I be alone?

The answer is (without the Oracle): As long as you want. That may sound a bit harsh now, but it hits the nail on the head. Are you ready for a relationship? If you are, are you doing anything to find a partner? If not, are you doing anything to at least be found? If you are actively looking, then why not ask, for example, "What can you tell me about my search for love?"

Is a new partner coming into my life?

See above. If you want that and are ready for it, then yes. It's better to ask something else.

What does my future look like?

The Oracle cannot answer that question in such a form. We hope, of course, that you will have a good future. Ask yourself why you would like to know that. Are you afraid of something? Do you have worries? Ask something more specific instead. For example, think about how you will develop professionally in the near future. Do you like this thought? Would you rather change something? You see, you have to answer lots of questions yourself before you find a good question for the Oracle.


When will world peace come? (and similar questions)

The Oracle can't answer that either. Are you doing anything to make the world more peaceful? Why would you like to know that?

Which profession will I pursue?

We hope one that you like. And if you don't like it, then you should change something about it! (You don't need the Oracle for that)

What are the chances of going to prison?

They are very good if you have done something illegal. You don't need a psychic for that either.

Will I get pregnant soon?

We hope so if that's what you want! But you don't need the Oracle for that; you need a partner who also wants a child with you. If you are both ready and there are no medical reasons against it, then the blessing of a child will come eventually.

Will I get over my partner? Can I forget him?

Sooner or later, definitely. Instead, ask yourself what didn't work out and what could be done better in the future.

When will I be happy again?

Why are you unhappy? What would have to change for you to be happy? Is there a way to make that happen? Or would it just help if you change your focus or your perception?

Does he/she find me beautiful?

Just ask your partner!

Is he/she faithful?

This question assumes that faithfulness is important to you. Is there any reason not to be faithful? Are you faithful? If you are jealous, then read on here.

We look forward to your comments on the oracle!

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