Monthly horoscope Virgo | photo: © Kaponia Aliaksei -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo September

What are the stars for Virgo in September in love, work and health?
Monthly horoscope Virgo | photo: © Kaponia Aliaksei -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo September

What are the stars for Virgo in September in love, work and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo September

A greath month is coming 

For vitality and well-being:

The Sun will still stand in your Zodiac sign Virgo until September, 23rd. So the Virgin-born will continue to celebrate their birthdays. Congratulations! The sweet tradition of giving and receiving gifts was probably born to distract the attention from the fact that years are vanishing away. And that is very nice. That's why we wish you lots of presents! During this time, you will experience a new boost of vitality and courage. Now you should make important decisions since the Sun is now entirely on the side of the Virgo. This time is perfect for engagements, for a career change or the completion of studies.

In September, 23rd, the Sun will move to the neighboring sign Libra. A ⚺extile will now be available, and the vital force is somewhat weaker than before.

Mars, the planet of Energy, will stand in your sign Virgo too. Resulting in new support of Energy that will benefit you in all areas of your life. You will now be more enterprising than usual, more courageous, and impulsive. But you should beware of hasty actions. You can prevail now, but be careful not to overrun the others.

Jupiter, the planet of Luck, will continue to form a square to the Sun of the Virgo, resulting in good chances and opportunities. Perhaps, you will feel overwhelmed or overburdened at the moment, but the possibilities for more significant successes are there, you cannot give up. Reflecting on how to separate the wheat from the chaff would be beneficial now, so that you may focus only on the essentials.

Saturn will continue to form a beneficial trigon, stabilizing its effect on Virgo born people. If you do a lot now, you'll be rewarded later. It may be natural that you will soon feel you are under some obligation and you will overthink about what you should achieve.

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Profession, money, and communication:

Even Mercury will stop at first in your sign Virgo and until September 14th. This situation means that in this time also in the communication area, the best conditions are displayed, and you should take advantage of them in the professional field. Physical activities and travel lust will now go hand in hand; you have to observe. You will probably receive good news soon. Contracts will have a favorable effect, and written documents will be much easier to handle than usual. You will also enjoy visiting friends or go to a party. On September, 9th, Mercury will move in your neighbor sign Libra, which is why there will not be so many excellent opportunities during the ⚺extile.

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love venus will stand in Virgo and Libra at the same time as Mercury, the planet of thought and reason. So precious times for enjoyment are announced. The Virgo-born will be therefore very spoiled in September, and that should be enjoyed because so soon these favorable conditions will disappear. It is, therefore, crucial to experience love, art, and every beautiful and good thing!

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