Monthly Horoscope December Aries 2019 | Photo: © Sidorov

Monthly horoscope Aries

What are the stars for the Aries in December 2019 in love, job and health?
Monthly Horoscope December Aries 2019 | Photo: © Sidorov

Monthly horoscope Aries

What are the stars for the Aries in December 2019 in love, job and health? Scroll down

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Monthly horoscope Aries

Using opportunities with optimism

For vitality and well-being:

The Sun will stand in Sagittarius until December, 22nd, giving way again to a favorable trine for Aries. A lot of energy and vitality will continue to flow. You will feel in good shape and happier than usual. You will be more enterprising and favorable circumstances will help you to tackle even more difficult undertakings. You will have the necessary self-confidence now. On December, 22nd, the Sun will move to the sign Capricorn, resulting in a square position. You will now have to expect difficulties and disadvantages. But if you'll be aware of it, you will be more responsive to the problems, and therefore you will find it easier to deal with them. Health protection is now also appropriate. You can sleep more, follow healthier nutrition, and train a lot outdoors.

Mars, the Planet of Energy, will hold in Scorpio throughout the month. So Aries will enjoy a quincunx position, signifying a reorientation. If there is anything to change in life, then it would be a good time to move the first steps towards a change.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck will stand in Capricorn from December 2nd, 2019 to December 19th, 2020. This situation will give way to a long quincunx position for Aries, pointing to reorientation. Training is now required, so do not stop at the current state of consciousness, since who knows what may come in a short time. Those who will be flexible enough to take up new things continually will be in advantage against competitors. As the quincunx angle is made up of a challenging square and a pleasant sextile, experience shows that odds and challenges are roughly in balance. So your motto should be "go on with optimism!" One should not be overly influenced by Saturn, the so-called teacher or stern master since the Planet continues to form a square for Arieses. The reason why some unpleasant influences may become evident. It's okay, karma balance demands it, but you should not let up on your activities since excellent opportunities will come anyway.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury has given up its retrograde on November 20th, 2019. So some past errors will probably find a solution. The Planet will hold in Scorpio until December, 10th. On December, 10th Mercury will move to Sagittarius and on December, 29th to Capricorn. Thus this month is going to have three different effects. With the Quincunx in Scorpio, the opportunities and challenges in professional, financial, and communication areas will balance each other. With the Trigon in Sagittarius, you will enjoy the best opportunities, and with the square in Capricorn, you will have to expect some difficulties. So be careful!

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love, which also dominates the area of art and beauty, will hold in Capricorn until December, 20th. Then it will move to the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Standing in Capricorn, Venus does not necessarily show the best side to Aries. Things will go much better when the Planet stands in Aquarius.

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