Daily horoscope - 2nd December 2016

Today, Geminis shouldn't waste time by buying things out of frustration and Cancers are very chatty.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius

Daily aspects

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Moon (Capricorn) Sextile Neptune (Pisces)

12:12 pm

The sextile supports facing challenges and creates personal development on a higher educational level. Today artistic force offers fancy and creativity – on the other hand tickle your fancy. Your thinking is guided by an extraordinary combination of intuition and determination. This aspect reasons dreaminess and fancy as well.

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Mars (Aquarius) Trine Jupiter (Libra)

1:37 pm

The trine between Mars and Jupiter offers an energetic constellation that makes you to accept challenges with enthusiasm – for gaining praise and appreciation. Full of optimism you go your own way. You act with determination – you are full of zest for life and like to treat thing in a satisfactory way. You are getting succeeded concerning career. You like the idea of being independent. But when you make a decision with your heart you would never fail.

Period: 2 days.

Birthday on December 2nd 2016:

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