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Capricorn learns harmonious handling and sensitive Cancerians should consider with great care

Daily horoscope - 12th February 2016
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Capricorn learns harmonious handling and sensitive Cancerians should consider with great care

Daily horoscope - 12th February 2016 Scroll down

Capricorn learns harmonious handling and sensitive Cancerians should consider with great care...

Aries Moon

12. February 2016
moon (Aries)
waxing crescent

Time Aspects
19:30 Moon Trine Saturn
21:59 Moon Square Pluto
23:53 Moon Conjunction Uranus

Daily aspects

Current timezone: Asia/Tokyo, UTC+09:00 change timezone

Daily astrological aspects:

The best time of this day occurs between 11:35h a.m.- 13:35h p.m. when the moon with Saturn creates a trigon; it let us feel reliable and bears out organizing ability. Planned goals are supported with assurance. Great confidence is shown to you, but later it becomes more unconvenient...

2h p.m.-4h p.m.: the square rules between Mars and Pluto. Emotional turbulences are on the stage! Eager business and passivity are alternating. 

3:50h p.m.-4h p.m.: the conjunction betweem the moon and Uranus causes individual restlessness and you could actually feel nervousness. 

1h a.m: the moon is entering in the sign of Aries. 

Advice: suitable occasion for having hair care, crafts, creative work and sports.

Birthdays: Christina Ricci (12th February 1980, Santa Monica, California) actress. The American actress became famous by performing her roles on movies: Wednesday Addams, the Addams family... Casper, and first adult orientated roles with the drama The Ice Storm...  

Abraham Lincoln (American president * 1863 - † 1865, in office: 4th March 1861 - 15th April 1865) we all know the famous picture while he was sitting in his rocking chair, watching the opera performance when his assassinator shot him from behind...Abe Lincoln become the first anti-slavery protagonist in American History. He abolished slavery and the States that were seperated into the unfree South and the free Northern States. In those days the motto Follow the North Star had got its origin... In the southern states predominated agriculture of cotton and sugar cane and in the North the impacts of the industrial age had been iniciated. Finally started the period of wage slaves... 

Today's Saints: Gregory, Benedict, Eulalia, Félix, Livia, Lidia, Reginald, Meletios, Alma, Lina, Carline, Evelina, Alessio, Perla, Tanya, Tatyana


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Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path f...

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