Daily horoscope - 3rd July 2016

Gemini might expect contemplative hours with his partner and Aries should let know his partner what his partner means to him.

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Oscar Wilde

Sunday, July 3rd 2016:

Such a pretty day is expected – enjoy life! Even enjoy this family day, because the moon stays in the sign of Cancer. If you wish spending time together with friends and family you would be rewarded – lasting memories could be created.

Daily aspects

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Moon (Gemini) Square Jupiter (Virgo)

1:15 am

The square between Moon and Jupiter could cause some trouble towards law authorities. It could give a tendency to extravagance. Regarding love matters conflicts and disadvantages could be shown. This could lead to separation and estrangement. The bile and liver could show unusual weakness.

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Moon (Gemini) Sextile Uranus (Aries)

12:46 pm


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Sun (Cancer) Trine Neptune (Pisces)

7:36 pm

The trine between the sun and Neptune let arise refined awareness and sensitivity. On the other hand you favour subjects like metaphysics and mysterious phenomenons.


Moon → Cancer

10:22 pm

When the moon enters in the sign of Cancer life reappears in a gentle way… Longing for nature, tranquillity and homeward bound! It represents the perfect moment to get calm and reinforce your inner strength.

Birthday on July 3rd 2016:

Tom Cruise (* July 3rd 1962),  Franz Kafka (July 3rd 1883 – June 3rd 1924), George Sanders (1906 – 1972), Olivia Munn (* 1980), Ludivine Sagnier (* 1979)

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