Daily horoscope - 16th March 2016

Virgo may make a mountain out of a molehill and Capricorn cannot be stopped...

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.


March 16th 2016:

The following constellation is working for quite a week and may offer various advantages: benefits on career regarding income, merit and gain - take a chance! 

Daily aspects

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half moon (Gemini)

2:07 am

This constellation spells difficulties with regard to career, family life and dealings towards the opposite sex.

Moon → Cancer

9:57 am

When the moon enters in the sign of Cancer life reappears in a gentle way… Longing for nature, tranquillity and homeward bound! It represents the perfect moment to get calm and reinforce your inner strength.

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Moon (Cancer) Trine Venus (Pisces)

6:48 pm

For family life it is preparing promising development and aspects. Prevailing emotional aspects are dominating – modification and adaptability. Out of the blue your heart is joyful - family life and family aspects are significant with the tendency to avoid disputes.

Birthdays March 16th 2016: 

Jerry Lewis (March 16th 1926, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.) Born as Joseph Levitch, became famous as a character comedian and physical comedian. He received significant awards and was the film- and comedy partner of Dean Martin for several series. 

Henny Youngman (March 16th 1906, London, U.K. - February 24th 1998, Manhattan, New York, U.S.) He was an American Stand-up comedy and violin player. He told elaborate anecdotes and became famous for his one liner

Today's Saints: Bénédicte, Elena, Henrietta, Christodoulos, Tatiano, Gabriel, Norvile, Abraham, Oktavia, Henrika