Daily horoscope - October 2016

Your stars for every day in October
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1st October Horoscope

On October 1st 2016, Cancer should be honest with herself, Gemini should not  waste time on minor matters.

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2nd October Horoscope

On October 2nd 2016, Virgo should use this day to renew contacts with her family,Leo should spent whole evening with his partner.

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3rd October Horoscope

On October 3rd 2016 Aries finances are going through a turbulent phase. On their job Pisces should keep a cool head.

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4th October Horoscope

On October 4th 2016, for Cancer financial commitments can be problematic. Capricorn should make a compromise.

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5th October Horoscope

On October 5th 2016, Sagittarius should renew contacts with his family. Aquarius should'nt waste time on minor matters.

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6th October Horoscope

On October 6th 2016, Virgo should spent some quality time with her family, Leos advice is in great demand.

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7th October Horoscope

On October 7th 2016, Leo has a great time with his partner, Scorpio is literally in his best spirits.

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8th October Horoscope

On October 8th 2016 Taurus finances won’t do so well, Gemini are very romantic.

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9th October Horoscope

On October 9th 2016 Scorpio is currently very sensitive to his family's needs. Sagittarius should go out and make himself noticed.

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10th October Horoscope

On October 2016, nothing can stop Virgo right now and for Leo it is the ideal day for romantic hours with his partner.

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11th October Horoscope

On October 11th 2016, Cancer should keep a cool head, Geminis are composed, relaxed and possess a sensible attitude towards their fitness.

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12th October Horoscope

On October 12th 2016, Taurus shoud take a breather and free himself from unnecessary burdens. Aries is reacting irritably towards people in his private sphere.

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13th October Horoscope

On October 13th 2016 Pisces are faced with complicated issues and Capricorn is confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation.

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14th October Horoscope

On October 14th 2016 Pisces shouldn't be afraid to break new ground, Aquarius are spending happy hours with their family.

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15th October Horoscope

On October 15th 2016, for Capricorn it won't be easy interacting with people, Sagittarius should go out to meet friends.

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16th October Horoscope

On October 16th 2016, Scorpio should prefer teamwork, Libra  should talk to good friends about financial matters.

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17th October Horoscope

On October 17th 2016 nothing can stop Leo right now, for Virgo it's an appropriate time to put plans into action.

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18th October Horoscope

On October 18th 2016 for Scorpio teamwork is the way forward, Virgo are enjoying harmonious relations with family and friends.

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19th October Horoscope

On october 19th 2016 Cancer are more stressed than normal. Taurus body needs special attention and their nerves are on edge too.

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20th October Horoscope

On October 20th 2016, Aquarius should go out and spend the evening in a romantic restaurant. Saggitarius are more stressed than normal.

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21st October Horoscope

On October 21st 2016 Libra should includes others in their efforts for greater fitness. Leo should use this time to renew contacts with their family.

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22nd October Horoscope

On October 22nd 2016 Geminis should be cautious when dealing with money and Aries is easily irritated in their relationship.

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23rd October Horoscope

On October 23rd 2016 Aquarius should slow down with all the activities they are involved in, Pisces are confronted with an unexpected situation.

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24th October Horoscope

On October 24th 2016, everything goes lovingly in Scopios relationship and Libra should go on a long excursion with their friends.

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25th October Horoscope

On October 25th 2016 Capricorn are in a splendid mood and nothing can stop Sagittarius right now.

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26th October Horoscope

On October 26th 2016 Pisces optimistic and positive charisma are magnetic and Aquarius should be cautious when dealing with money.

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27th October Horoscope

On October 27th 2016 its ideal for Capricorn for going on a long excursion with their friends. Sagittarius have fun in their relationship.

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28th October Horoscope

On October 28th 2016 Scorpio are very powerful and nothing can stop Libra right now.

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29th October Horoscope

On October 29th 2016 Virgo are in a splendid mood and Leo expect a confrontation at work.

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30th October Horoscope

On October 30th 2016 Cancer should'nt waste time on minor matters. Gemini have to deal with unexpected problems during business deals.

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31st October Horoscope

On Halloween, October 31st 2016 Gemini should slow down with all the activities they are involved in and Cancer are physically fit and mentally in great shape.

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