Daily horoscope - 13th September 2016

Today, Gemini and Aries have a difficult job.

Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.

Alfred Tennyson

Tuesday, September 13th 2016:

Rage could not be the topic for today – a promising development is reasoned by the crucial constellation between the sun and Mars. But it could show significant and hidden sides, which normally would have been neglected. On the other hand think over what you would have done—there might be some unpleasant consequences.

Daily aspects

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Mercury (Virgo) Square Mars (Sagittarius)

3:57 am

The square between Mercury and Mars could cause unrest and stimulates critique.

Moon and sign Aquarius | photo: (c) alphaspirit - stock.adobe.com

Moon → Aquarius

6:28 am

The moon changes into the sign of Aquarius. Persons born in the sign of Aquarius are receptive to joy and leisure activities. Social aspects are the topic for today. Now the time has come to start a successful venture – but Aquarius is interested in common sense as well.

Moon Trine Jupiter | Photo: © Daniel J. - Fotolia.com

Moon (Aquarius) Trine Jupiter (Libra)

7:51 am

It represents a beneficial constellation. It is a fine constellation for social and material success. It is shown a positive attitude towards life and you may enjoy popularity. Generous structures are getting realized. The artistic side reflects optimism and attraction.

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Sun (Virgo) Conjunction Mercury (Virgo)

8:44 am

This conjunction demands to learn aptitude and wide awakened mind with talents for the arts.

Birthday on September 13th 2016:

Stella McCartney (* 1971), Michael Johnson (* 1967), Clara Schumann (1819 -  1896), Marie Ebner von Eschenbach (1830 - 1916), Arnold Schönberg (1874 -  1951), Fiona Apple (*1977), Thomas Müller (*1989)

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