Aquarius shouldn't take risks this week

Aquarius horoscope for week 8 (2/17 - 2/23)

Aquarius shouldn't take risks this week

Aquarius horoscope for week 8 (2/17 - 2/23)

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
8:06 AM Moon Trine Venus
9:49 AM Mercury → retrograde
12:11 PM Moon Square Mercury
8:52 PM Moon Square Neptune

Aquarius shouldn't take risks this week

Retrograde Mercury and Aquarius

With his planet Uranus, Aquarius has a higher level of intelligence compared to the thinker Mercury. But on the other hand, this makes him reckless, because he courageously wants to accept every challenge, whether it succeeds or not. But just not now, dear Aquarius, not during the time of retrograde Mercury, because now every risky attempt is guaranteed to go wrong! But later then, after March 10th, also be careful. Because the retrograde Mercury, which is lower than Uranus, is just waiting for his chance to satisfy his envy.

Working life

Because you're content with your current achievements, right now is a great time to show what else you're capable of. Make use of your confidence and demand more responsibilities! If you receive the extra tasks you ask for, don't forget; at some point, circumstances can alter and be modified. Be sure to approach your new-found functions with precision and not in haste.

Love and partnership

You're perfectly equipped for your current relationship. If you are a single, there is a potential new romance within sight. You're confident and full of energy and able to cope with almost any situation concerning your love life. Your partner sees you're lots of fun. Remain true to yourself, and don't be arrogant! As easy as it's for you to impress someone, they can just as quickly become tired of you!


You've found a healthy balance. You know when it's time for you to relax and when to start getting busy – that's precisely when your body signals you the go-ahead. Stick to this healthy attitude towards life, and don't be surprised if you pass on your inner poise and balance to others! If you're in a position where you act in an advisory capacity, you can be a role model.

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