July Horoscope

Mars Gives Taurus a Good Push Forward in July

Here are the stars for Taurus in July 2022
Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2022

What can the Taureans expect in July?

Love planet Venus is set to be neutral until the 19th of July, but very positive afterwards, so nice times can be expected in her areas.

Energetic planet Mars is also in a neutral position until the 6th of July, but from the 6th of July sits in a very strong one, as he enters your own sign, Taurus, and now gives you power.

The Life-giving Sun moves through the sign of Cancer until the  23rd of July, which is why it will give off strong energies for the Taureans. Afterwards, however, it forms a Square, which is why rest and recuperation will be called for. 

Mind planet Mercury works well until the 6th of July, and from the 6th of July to the 20th of July even better. However, from the 20th of July it forms a Square, which is why it is now necessary to take good care, so that no mistakes are made.

Lucky planet Jupiter continues to form a neutral semi-sextile, with which you can be satisfied, since happy surprises could still appear!

Strict Saturn continues to insist on its square position, which is why difficulties are still to be expected. But with a lot of patience you are stronger than him.

Taurus get a boost of energy

This is what the stars are like in July for the zodiac signs:

  • Aries (birthdays: 21 March - 20 April)
  • Taurus (birthdays 21 April - 21 May)
  • Gemini (birthdays 22 May - 21 June)
  • Cancer (22 June - 22 July)
  • Leo (23 July - 23 August)
  • Virgo (24 August - 23 September)
  • Libra (24 September - 23 October)
  • Scorpio (24 October - 22 November)
  • Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)
  • Capricorn (22 December - 20 January)
  • Aquarius (21 January - 19 February)
  • Pisces (20 February - 20 March)

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Monthly Horoscope July 2022

Geminis have a great July, closely followed by Cancers and Leos
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