Capricorn Weekly Horoscope week 25

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Capricorn this week

Love and partnership


In matters of the heart you're not in the least bit shy.

This week you'll want to put your seduction skills to good use. But unfortunately from the outset, you're far too direct and forget about being playful and open to whatever possibility arises. Your relationship also appears to be under some pressure; you seem to be looking for confrontations over the slightest thing.

Working life


You're running the risk of getting side-tracked from what really matters.

You're unusually suspicious and interfere; instead of trusting others. You've a great desire for action, but unfortunately this is inappropriately placed. Try to reduce anxiety with some deep breathing and relaxation techniques; otherwise your colleagues are likely to get totally fed up with you.



Health is also psychosomatic they say.

The intense competitiveness you feel may have its roots in too little physical exercise. Amongst the options for physical exercise, find a sport that will help to reduce your aggressive attitude. Whether you're punching a sandbag or slamming the ball on the field – the important thing is you're freeing your mind for people around you!

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