Weekly Horoscope No. 24 2022

Which Zodiac Signs Get the Most Energy From the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Now?

Horoscope for the 24th week (6/13 - 6/19)
Horoscope for the 24th week (6/13 - 6/19)

This week in the starry sky there are the following significant events for us all:

Monday, June 13, 2022:

Mercury shifts into Gemini and makes us want to travel

The planet of knowledge, Mercury shifts into the zodiac sign of Gemini today. We get the desire to travel and are interested in acquiring new knowledge. Students are especially supported and make good progress with their studies. Our mind is now working at full speed and reason rather than the heart triumphs in important decisions. We can sell ourselves well in negotiations or lectures and also get along well with "salesmen". Communication goes very well on both sides. Mercury in Gemini

Tuesday 14 June 2022:

The Full Moon in Sagittarius puts us in a generous and idealistic mood

In the so-called Full Moon constellation, the Moon and Sun are always opposite each other in opposition, and this time the Moon is in the sign Sagittarius, which is now fully illuminated by the Sun, which is exactly opposite in the sign Gemini. This is why the effects of the sign Sagittarius are now more pronounced. Whereas the Sun and Moon are, among other things, the representatives of the male and female sexes. And when men and women sit opposite each other or face each other, it has an enormous effect that usually sets something in motion. The effect is much weaker, for example, when we perceive someone from the corner of our eye on the left or right. And the angle is nothing other than the so-called aspect, which has different effects.

Which signs of the zodiac get the most energy from the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius?

  Sagittarius, Leo and Aries will be overloaded with energy on Tuesday. But the Aquarians and Libra may also have a sleepless night. In any case, it will be the biggest full moon of the year, the closest the moon will get to us in 2022. It is about 30,000km closer to the Earth than usual and is therefore called a supermoon. It will appear particularly large in the sky.



So what are the qualities of the full moon in Sagittarius? Among other things, generosity, idealism and optimism. Furthermore, Sagittarius represents the areas of law, religion and philosophy, as well as the far journeys that are possible on our earth - and in a figurative sense this also means the far journeys into the areas of the spirit. So all this is strongly addressed today. Of course, we should be warned against exaggeration, against too much idealism, against being unworldly and against raptures, because that can also happen.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022:

Mental alertness and good instincts through Mars and Chiron

Today Mars and Chiron form a conjunction with each other, which will continue in its effect for the next few days. And that means courage and assertiveness, whereby in many of us the so-called instinct of the warrior is also activated. The "warrior" can, of course, also be the entrepreneur or, more generally, the person who is capable of taking initiatives. So basically everyone, because the decision to go shopping for the daily food requirements is already an initiative, even if not a special one.

Anyone who wants to take special initiatives is offered particularly good conditions today. With Mars, however, one must always be careful not to overdo things, not to act rashly, and not to act without consideration for others. Mars is basically selfish and only when you have learned to consider the golden mean will you be really successful.


Today, Mars and Chiron could also make warm-heartedness and caring noticeable in us, all the more so in those who have already learned to deal with Mars in the right way. And experience shows that this constellation also means that there could be happy turns in life for some of us today. So it pays off to pay special attention to everything that comes up today and in the next few days. And if something special should come up, then we should also act, well thought out and consistently.

Thursday, 16 June 2022:

Discipline, perseverance and a sense of reality

The trine between the Sun and Saturn today causes the above qualities of discipline, perseverance and realism to take effect for about two days. Apart from the Capricorns, who think they are constantly confronted with these tasks, the rest of the signs are once again made more aware of fulfilling the duties of life. In practice, this shows itself in such a way that suddenly the realisation arises that this or that really has to be done at last, - and then one actually does it!

For example, you suddenly remember that you haven't taken care of a certain person for a long time and call them today. For half a year you didn't care about them at all, but now you do. The Sun Saturn trine is also concerned about our conscience.

Whereby there are of course always two possibilities after the call has been made. Either happy circumstances arise from it and one is happy about it. - Or not. Because you always have to reckon with the opposite, of course. But if the opposite happens, then at least you have the confirmation that you were right not to call this person for half a year. That's worth something, isn't it? And then you don't call them again for a whole year. In the hope that in a year's time - when another Sun-Saturn constellation occurs and you call them about it - this person will have improved. For we should never lose hope, as it is a very valuable and future-oriented quality and therefore also one of the Christian virtues.


Friday, 17 June 2022:

Small business, spiritual upswing as well as obligingness

These qualities will emanate today from the Moon in trine connection with Mercury as well as in sextile connection with Jupiter and will therefore work in us, but also in our environment, namely in other people. These are already beautiful prospects coming our way today, aren't they? and if we take good care of them, we will have many more of them.

The advantage of the trine Moon Mercury conjunction

But there are also other benefits offered to us by these planetary connections. Since communication works well through Mercury and the Moon, we will also get mental suggestions that we should make a note of. Often a single word is enough when we have noticed or thought of something special that we should write down, and from which an interesting conclusion or some spiritual gain could perhaps arise later. I once wrote down the word "eraser waste".

The eraser waste

Of course, this is not such an everyday term and therefore something quite different from, for example, a term we are familiar with such as "birdsong". So what was this "eraser waste" all about back then?

Eraser rubbish occurs when we erase a word that we have written down with a pencil or coloured pencil. The word that we no longer want is gone, but unfortunately something else is created that we also don't want and that disturbs the order, namely the waste products of this process of erasing. These small, elongated, grey or red-coloured and rolled-up worms made of rubber, into which the graphite of the pencil has been erased, have come into being, - whereby we then spontaneously wipe away these little worms with the back of our hand, a little disgusted, - yes, because these little, ugly worms have now unexpectedly also left behind quite a chaos of order.


So what do we do with the eraser waste?

That is the question. Because after wiping this "eraser waste" off the paper, the eraser waste has now landed on the table, where it continues to be a nuisance. Now, as experience shows, we get nervous as we realise we have come out of the frying pan into the fire. The relatively small effort of erasing a word has now embarrassed us so much that we are now forced to set in motion a comparatively much greater expenditure of energy to restore the table to its original tidy state.

For example, by getting up, fetching the hand hoover, which then, when put into operation and causing noise, also sucks the tablecloth into it. As a result, when we try to pull the tablecloth out again, the glass of water that is also on the table gets knocked over. Now everything is soaking wet!

Which is why the real slobs among us, because of this experience they have already had, immediately wipe the eraser waste down onto the floor with the back of their hand, without having used the hand-held hoover. This is because the eraser waste is then not so easily noticeable when it is lying low on the floor. But only when you take a closer look. And the chaotic among us therefore decide not to do it, i.e. not to look down at the floor. - But we know very well that if we do that, we'll do it all the more, because we're all like that. Which is why this wiping the floor is not really a solution.

The conclusions

But if we now come to the conclusions to be drawn after these experiences with the "eraser waste", for me the matter ultimately boils down to the question: How can we prevent this unnecessary eraser waste? Not true, that is the real question. - And my answer is: By thinking more carefully before we write down a word. And therefore using the right word right away. Yes, sir. So that would be one such piece of advice for us adults.


The children's struggles with erasure learning

Of course, this does not yet apply to children in primary schools, because they first have to learn how to erase words. This is often associated with crumpling the pages of their exercise books. The result is chaos! And the parents usually stand helplessly and nervously by, watching the children and witnessing not only the unstoppable multiplication of the disgusting gummy worms on the table, but also the crumpling of the exercise book pages during the erasing process, which can also be torn, depending on the children's temperament. This is followed by the honest effort to smooth out the pages again with a high red head. Yes, and that goes on almost every afternoon. It takes a lot of nerve, children and parents alike, for the children to fight with their exercise books!

Why the biros was invented

But now we come back to us adults. You know my conclusion by now. You could, of course, draw completely different conclusions after such an experience with the eraser waste. For example, you could come to the conclusion that you should no longer write with a pencil, but with a biro, because then the whole thing would be superfluous from the start. Good. But there are of course also quite different conclusions, one would only have to think further and therefore continue to make use of the trine Moon-Mercury connection.

But whatever conclusions we draw, you can see what this positive trine Moon-Mercury connection of today does for witty thought processes in us, can't you? - And finally, we've figured out why the biros was invented!


Saturday 18 June 2022:

Saturn now interferes in matters of love

It will do so as it squares Venus, which will then be perceptible to us over the next few days. Admittedly in various manifestations, but all together they do not sound pleasant, and even less pleasant is the actual experience. Of course, jealousy is also present in these negative manifestations, self-torment, cold-heartedness as well.

For me, cold-heartedness is one of the most dreadful words, because it is only from this, if we are really like this, that the other dreadful things can follow out of this lack of love.

The tendency to segregation is also involved, the tendency to separation, disillusionment in many respects, and also inhibitions of drives.

Love is a heavenly power, as we know. And if we no longer feel it as such, then it has already been pulled very far down by the opposite region, which is deep down. But we ourselves have allowed it to come this far without really noticing it. But now is the time to draw the right conclusions and act.

Sunday, 19 June 2022:

Venus once critical and Venus once exalted

Yesterday we discussed Venus' critical conjunction to Saturn, shown by a square, with this constellation continuing for a few more days. And today the goddess of love also forms a pleasing sextile connection with Neptune, the higher, divine love. And that's how it often is, positive and negative aspects often work at the same time, which is why we sometimes let ourselves spoil the positive, even if negative influences are noticeable. But it is not so easy to influence our feelings.

This sextile connection between Venus and Neptune means receptivity to refined love and artistic performances. Our dreamy nature is also activated today, and many wishes come to mind, some of which are probably impossible to fulfil, at least not yet. But who knows, maybe one day later? And through Venus, of course, art is also strongly addressed and beauty, which is also realised in beautiful things, which is why we want to have them right away.

But dreams and wishes are important in any case. Even if they don't come true, they still enliven the imagination, whereby the imagination is a world of its own that exists, albeit not in the material world down here where we are, but in higher realms.

That is the overview of the individual days this week with information about the stellar events.

More about the current planetary positions and their effect on the individual signs of the zodiac in the  news

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To you, dear readers,

have a good week, good thoughts and many positive star influences

Kurt Franz and the astrosofa.com team.

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