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2016 Cancer Horoscope

Expect adventure, nights of romance and experiences – in all aspects of life 

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2016 Cancer Horoscope

Expect adventure, nights of romance and experiences – in all aspects of life 

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2016 Cancer Horoscope

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The coming year is full of surprises for Cancerians! Are you prepared for further surprises? Venus in particular spoils Cancer with affection – for sensitive Cancerians it is a pleasure. Cancer meets togetherness and is approaching towards adventure – and with a view to professional development you may expect a lot!  

January 2016 – realize chances and opportunities

In January you can feel the regression of Mercury during the time from 5th to 25th January. It is shown by difficulties in career. Mistakes that were made in the past now are revealed – correct them! Be cautious with business transactions! Change things to your favour – I dare you! Criticism is justified and change things and conditions for the benefit of you.   

No easy times for love…

Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius, what represents a neutral position – a quiet beginning of the year – it brings a calm and likeable time. On 23rd Venus enters in the sign of Capricorn and forms an opposition. Avoid to react immoderately and do not take each single word for serious! You should take the easy way and keep the proper distance - followed by good news from Mars, which enters in the sign of Scorpio and forms an agreeable trigon with Mars brings energy and drive. Determined confidence is shown in particular in connection with family and home – it is hoped to be appreciated.          

Jupiter and Mars have a positive effect on Cancer

Good news comes from Mars – in various aspects for quite a long period. He represents spiritual and imaginary values – concerning religious spirits and higher education.  Occupy yourself with these topics and you will find profound response. If you go on a journey this becomes to a journey of initiation - with a permanent and unique effect. Regarding healing processes this is the perfect to experience – be confident and you will get support and assistance. Learn how to approach new horizons and make a change. Awarded justice with regard to legal procedure… Jupiter brings little gifts in daily life, but he doesn’t bring flowers onto your room.  

February 2016 – it’s getting better…

In February the professional field represents an average but no disadvantages obstruct. In the area of love and affection it seems to be the same. Venus enters in the sign of Aquarius on 17th February and offers the chance for love – as you like it. You will appreciate and realize in March all is getting better all the time

Mars makes Cancer vigorous…

Mars enters in the sign of Scorpio and caused by the flow of vigor Cancer is satisfying. Regretfully must be said that these days will not last long. 

Jupiter let it happen.

Jupiter brings his gifts and be grateful that it happens that way! Cancer could write diary and should be interested in such precious gesture.  

March 2016 – bright Venus!

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Flourishing love... occurs in spring...

March is kind in to Cancer in the month of March! Actually the fact the sun enters in the sign of Pisces means beneficial circumstances - being accompanied by another water sign. Cancer is emotional and in a good temper. Concerning profession and occupation things are getting better…it starts on 5th and continues until 22nd March. Afterwards it will come to an end and more or less the period of easy performing is over for a while – April changes.  

Venus brings exiting romance!

Venus is in top form. It will start on 12th March and will rest until the end of the month. Flourishing and flowery springtime arrives – the perfect time for emotional Cancer! Find a love and get lucky… somehow this will be happen and if you want to have a good look around, you will find an adequate person. Impetus is given by Mars – a strong influence until 6th March, however he retires but his gifts have still an influence: non material and sentimental values… do you like to say thank you from your heart?

April 2016 – sulky Venus

Professional matters are getting better now! On 6th April Mercury enters in Taurus and represents a fine position for Cancerians. You will experience and gain some good results. Mercury has still a good constellation towards Cancer but after 28th April Mercury is regressive. It could occur that difficulties appear on the horizon.  

Now you get the chance to correct a mistake from the past...

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Think over what happened in the past...

On one hand mistakes are made to be corrected. By the way, nobody likes it. You will learn your lesson well by repairing and if you are confronted anew maybe take your chance to make it better than you did before. That’s all what must be said and done towards recovering and better results and solutions in future. Avoid risks and act with care – then you will succeed. It takes time until 22nd May

The goddess of love is not amused. 

High time for love and affection takes time until 5th April – those five days for Cancerians when they are benefited by Venus. After she has a sullen view and retires. – Why does she do it? Maybe to show the difference between her both sides and both sides of goodwill as well… Cancer, however can appreciate the benefit of Jupiter: good fellow! He gives them offerings and Cancer is pleased. Thank you for it, Jupiter.     

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Take a breath in the merry month of May

May 2016 - the precious month

In the merry month of May Cancerians should take the opportunity to get forward! The time is right for change – maybe your behavior. You sense an easy task but don’t become too carelessly. Mercury participates from the background. All that glitters is not gold.

Mercury shows both sides now. 

It is the reason to act cautiously! Distrust and suspicion are not obsolete. After a detailed proof your decision is confirmed. On the other hand you agree truth and lies belong together and between both there is a space to create policy. When 22nd May comes the merry month shows a friendly smile – you are rewarded for your diligence.

Cancer in Love - benefitting from lucky Jupiter.

Venus forgets her sulkiness on 1st May! She is full of amiability. Cancer can count on her. May actually will be the merry month of May. Cancer is full of joy of life and Jupiter supports Cancer in love! Your heart may be joyful – enjoy the time of your life!

Juni 2016 – the best time for love and emotion. 

A significant month is starting now! The sun enters in the sign of Cancer on 21st June and stays until 22nd July. Cancerians celebrate their birthday and it is really a time for celebration! She is favoured by the sun and appears full of vividness. She is joyful and optimistic - she indulges herself in this spirit of happiness. In consideration of profession she should prefer the days until 12th June – after it is not so bad, but rather quiet. Venus enters in the sign of Cancer where she will rest to 12th July. Time for love comes now

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Summer's romance

Singles can find partners to share their lives. 

Best time for singles to find a partner right now! Really good opportunities are awaiting you, if you are looking for it. Go outside and it might be fine. Out there your soul mate waits for you – be attentive and do not prevent. Good luck for those, who need to find! 

Mars sends vigour and energy for your path! 

Mars gives assistance to find a partner if you want to… after entering in the sign of Scorpio Mars offers necessary energy! Even if you are getting tired in the evening Mars has enough energy to prepare a proper drive. Thanks Mars and Jupiter for their attentional demand.     

Juli 2016 – an energetic month.

July represents untamed energy - 22nd July is still the period of their birthdays and under these influences they are favoured by the sun. He brings them joy for life and an optimistic point of view.

Diligence in professional life is rewarded now! 

Professional perspective has a high standard now, but it changes to average. In matters of love there is still an optimistic process ongoing… 

Mid-July represents a successful period in particular and Venus has a beneficial influence on love matters and emotional concerns.

In love matters all could be achieved!

Those, who are seriously in search of a partner, could find one. Mars offers still vigor and adventures. Jupiter gives still gifts…he supports Cancer and his gifts are fine surprises! This could go on forever...

August 2016 – success continues.

In August the circumstances are becoming fine again. The best period might have passed by. Only the intensity changes, but the actual status remains – with less intensity, but, however, it is a satisfying status. Mercury supports Cancer finally in a successful way.    

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Easy summer days...

The Stars favour Cancer in love matters and in professional life. 

From 30th August a regressive phase begins, be cautious. But finally come some fine results. In love matters everything works fine. Venus in the sign of Virgo is promising and so occurs some delightful events: unforgetable and unique experiences are approaching…Cancer shows her impetuous face and seems to be regardless. This is not the way to find some friends but she knows – therefore she will challenge resistance, what is no pleasure after all that, but she will be respected.   

Jupiter offers gifts again.

Finally some good news from Jupiter: Cancerians will gain support and help. Now it will be the last month in which he will work for them… later he shares his talent with other zodiac signs – nothing rests eternally…he will bring benefit each sign for a while and then he will leave. Those, who write diary, will see what is meant and estimated in a perfect way.  

September 2016 – Jupiter is leaving now. 


What a rainy day... make yourself comfortable!

In particular with regard to professional matters Mercury supports Cancer the whole month with a detailed correspondence between professional life and privacy.  Look hopefully what occurs, but in some cases Cancer is confronted in a powerless way…   

Please react in a perfect way! 

But you can prevent difficulties in the future, if you act now in a cautious way! It will be proved satisfactory with regard to professional development. Venus - once again - is offended. She let Cancer know, what she means: cooling down, calming down now…  

Venus is offended... 

Therefore nothing really matters with regard to love and passion. Of course, sex can happen without being in love – but this is not really satisfying at all, that’s what we all know… time are changing and take a run for the better: from 23rd September a really fine period is starting now! Say thank you, Venus and give this development a warm and hearty welcome! Processes and procedures are becoming fine and Jupiter is beneficial until 9th September. In remembrance to benevolently times of the past, assistance is brought for the future. Once again thanks to its innovating and vigorous support.

Oktober 2016 – top and flop lists.

From 7th October Mercury forms a square what means difficulties could be entering at that time. When we draw professional development into consideration there are still sufficient parts of success – maybe if this would be missed, you would not yet realize the difference…

On professional matters an interim lull has to be mastered. 

From 25th October a few significant highlights in career appear soon: Mercury forms an agreeable trigon towards Cancer – uphill along the road! In love matters it runs goal-oriented as well – Venus enters into the zodiac sign of Scorpio – this turns Cancer into ardent companions!

Ardent passion: Venus enters in the sign of Scorpio! 

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Passionate and ardent cancer! 

After 18th October ardent passion will be neglected and something remains for the future. It’s getting calm and Cancer can rest – makes them sense spoilt. On the other hand Cancer is two-faced and that makes her impetuous in an equal way. Mars causes impatience in its position… and Cancer now has to learn being patient! It’s always a matter of temper, character and nature. Passionate highlights compensate the interims lull – the optimist says, consolidate harmony.

November 2016 – exciting love life. 

On professional matters it runs fine until 12th November. Mercury forms a trigon and it continues until the end of the month. Somehow the ease disappears, but maybe you get succeed in your undertaking.  Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius and she brings lots of calm and quiet times of romance. Best prerequisites when Venus enters in Capricorn and forms a square. It means with consideration of romantic love some difficulties could raise by exaggerated expectations...Cancerians, do not feel too libidinous! It might be confusing…

Be careful, now you express extravagance and serious waste…

You change your mind: a wasteful time and nothing causes for concern… sometimes Venus shows her different face. It takes time until 7th December. Consequently followed by usual optimism and the sun enters in Scorpio and the zest for life returns. Mars is leaving his opposition on 9th and life for Cancer becomes calm again. By the way that is something what makes you sense joy in those misty days…

Dezember 2016 - Mars sends energy towards the end of the year.

December is one of the best months for career. Mercury is not in a beneficial temper for Cancer. It causes frivolously misunderstanding and distrust. Be cautious and act carefully to all intents and purposes... 

Mercury causes worries and misunderstanding...

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Amazing view - what else may bring the future...?

From 19th December Mercury is regressive, so pay attention with regard to business plans! Be attentive and well prepared. Whenever a mistake would have been made now comes the appropriate time to face the conflict. It might be a good advice to avoid ambiguity and uncertainties.

…concerning love matters everything is much better!

Concerning love and romance: times are getting much better now! From 7th December until the rest of the month romantic desire is on its way... pleasant times. During Christmas holiday and over the turn of the year a trigon gives assistance to master all challenges. Advent and the desire for peace can be one. 20th December begins amicable and Cancer will achieve inner peace – gracious tradition is in full bloom… therewith it is representing Christmas time at heart in the best sense of the word!



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