Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Gemini | Photo: (c)  pressmaster -

2016 Gemini Horoscope

Do not worry about initial difficulties, all will become fine!

Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Gemini | Photo: (c)  pressmaster -

2016 Gemini Horoscope

Do not worry about initial difficulties, all will become fine!

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2016 Gemini Horoscope

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Restrained and cautious behaviour is required. Good chances and opportunities appear later. With regard to love matters: big difficulties in the beginning! No reason to despair. Better times are coming – here comes the sun… and removes those stumbling blocks! Zest for life will return and finally the other planets will do their best again so 2016 will be a beautiful year.

January 2016 – in the sign of Saturn

Gemini should consider the constellation of Saturn in Sagittarius will have a decisive opponent influence! Delay, hesitation, difficulties are attributes in this period but there are distinct influence of other planets, too. This process is mutually depending and such periods initiate a maturing process! Each sign will feel the indisputable influence of alternating constellation during the year. Such a Saturn constellation takes 2 and a half year… that’s the way it is. Now let’s have a look at more details.   

No additional risk in career!

With consideration of professional occupations you might know Mercury is regressive within the period from 5th to 25th January. This advice refers to guarantees and safety! The god of merchants turns to the god of thieves. Pay attention to your goods!     

Difficulties in love matters…

Venus influence comes from Sagittarius and additionally comes the opponent influence on love matters – concerning things in emotional life. Best advice: ignore some unpleasant and disagreeable statements. On 23rd January arrives a more pleasant time for Gemini concerning love and affection. Venus enters Aries and from that position she is much more pleasant!

February 2016 – make a good time!  

At professional level you will succeeded. On 14th February Mercury enters Aquarius and therewith enters a harmonious trigon. This is well spotted the first highlight of the year – at least in occupation – remains until 5th March.   

Time for romance

With regard to love matters a period of happiness arrives! From 17th February to 12th March Venus forms a trigon together with Aquarius. Mercury and Venus are the two planets that support Gemini in February. The third member of the team is the sun: he works for the benefit of Gemini from 20th January to 19th February and gives optimism, joy of life and well-being.   

March 2016 – using the time to your advantage

Good professional influence takes a few days: 1st to 5th March. Followed by a square difficulties could appear around 21st March. When you will have realized how things are arranged they will be disappeared soon!          

Ups and downs in career

The boss might appear more serious and with his expression he/she seems to show that he/she is not satisfied with Gemini’s work. If you are the boss you feel the squeeze of rising completion. Ups and downs are significant factors in professional life at that time: if those moments are missing, maybe laziness would dominate?

Venus rewards Gemini with some fine days

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Bring about romance!

Venus will reward Gemini with some fine days in March – almost for half the month life is charming and delightful. Gemini turns towards his capricious sides by Venus’ own moodiness. Nothing seems to be in the right place and its best condition – he might have seen better times. But the times will change soon…


April 2016 – Venus shows up friendly

In April Mercury is to be found in a beneficial sextile constellation. After 5th April Mercury enters Taurus and this caused a quiet time in professional life, but there are many opportunities! For heaven’s sake Venus is leaving her unpleasant state. Until the end of the month all will be fine. In a pleasant mood things of daily routine feels easier.      

Life is improving

Now are entering times for lovers! The world seems to be beautiful and the sun is shining with a pleasant sextile at his side! Gemini sense confidence and zest for life. What else do you expect? What a fine month, April is satisfying!

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Venus brightens up your heart!

The merry month of May in 2016

May is a fine month for Gemini – one of the best! On 20th May the sun enters Gemini’s own sign and it is the time to celebrate birthday… Gemini is in the focus until 20th June and he is preferred by the sun. Gemini is the sun’s most important child – or may be children as well. In professional leif on 28th starts a regression and this means to be careful and cautious.

Be cautious with contracts

Be Careful with seducing offers and tend to move such activities backward. If possible do that! From 22nd May the regression stops and now is starting a period of complaints processing and, proof and correction. It is also a time to improve weak points and a time for revealing.  

Best time for love and romance!

Venus delivers best news! In the beginning of the month Venus influence is on Taurus what spells an ordinary love life. But from 24th May Gemini celebrates his own sign and there are best chances to find a new love and a partner! Who, those are still looking for someone should have a good look around – she or he – prince and princess are awaiting you now! Gemini is always good at communication and that is according to his taste… he is interested in contacting one another.  

June 2016 – conditions becoming better and better!

June is the most pleasing month for Gemini. The sun will still have entered the sign of Gemini and this is the best condition to be pleased, lucky and successful in every respect. Optimism, zest for life and confidence are the attributes that have significant effect on Gemini at that time. It would be desirable things could go on this way, but all comes to an end – each sign gets his particular month of love and after having received the sun for one month - the sun leaves the sign that he has entered and enters another. The phase for prosperous occupation matters starts on 23th and remains until 30th June. Anything goes is the motto and the promise will fulfill. Now take your time to realize and execute your plans. For a short time of being active the result will be great!

The most energetic month for Gemini

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Blow away your sorrow...

Now the time is coming for pay raise – don’t miss it! If you intend to change your employment or occupation path the moment is perfect for doing it. Venus does her best for Gemini until 17th June and the best time on the whole to find a relationship and go out looking for a wife or husband. Finally is left to say that Saturn is present and his influence works as well – expecting without too much interference.

July 2016 – time for holiday/vacation

With regard to profession comes a trade wind! You recover again. Mercury enters in Leo and this provides an agreeable ambiance caused by a rising sextile. Pleasant professional period until 6th August – followed by a square with Mercury it brings the pleasant time to an end. From 12th July to 5th August enters a promising sextile for an unforgettable vacation/ holiday in the best sense.    

Pack up your bags and suitcase now!

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Well-deserved relaxation

The sun is with Gemini as well and offers confidence. Now it’s the time to go on holiday! Does not matter where it will be – it is summertime and the time will be marvelous!    

August 2016 -  remain in tranquillity

In August will be a quiet time for professional interests. Mercury refuses his support and is to be found in a square. This means there will be no satisfying results – it has no importance what matter. Those sultry summer days do not offer time for a solution.  

Beyond summer heat nothing occurs…

Venus turns to spoilsports: she gives Gemini 5 fine days – from 1st to 5th August he should use that precious time because it will not continue. At the end of the month Gemini may expect just a trace of affection. Under these circumstances the common behaviour is mutual and there is not too much to expect.

Hopeful waiting for better times…

Gemini could take comfort in patience – better times will be coming. August is not pleasing for Gemini – you cannot help it! Waiting for the sun – Gemini is longing for fine days, but the time is coming soon! Even now the world and nature show their beauty…   

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Retrograde motion... 

September 2016 – Jupiter goes on stage

On 30th August Mercury starts his regression and appears in the sign of Virgo – this means a bad constellation for Gemini. A square never pleased: estimate your professional action wisely and then there might be less to regret afterwards. Gemini has to be cautious trying to avoid wrong calculations in each operation! From 22nd September the phase of Mercury’s regression will be finished but he is still in a square position to 6th October – only after that date things will normalize. 

Venus and Jupiter are on their way to offer benevolent benefactions 

Venus has better news: on 30th August she will have entered Libra and this has a beneficial effect on Gemini. Now start a period of romance and miracles! Venus supports that process to the best of her ability! Gracious Venus herself is getting support by Jupiter. He enters in the sign of Libra and from 9th September the planet constellation makes a trigon – that helps. Life seems to be beautiful and there are given gifts in every place that can be found…profound faith in religion, spiritual cognition accompanies Gemini’s character particular at that time, while travelling the journey will mediate initiation. Seek legal advice, you will be successful, with regard to your health condition you meet the right doctor…lucky fellow, come along! Maybe the purpose of happiness will come true – it could happen. Lord is great and you are a part of his inconceivable cosmic world!

October 2016 – everything fine?

October improves Gemini’s situation – that will be fine! Mercury shares his influence in combination with a trigon and business matters get a flow from 7th October. It continues well but not with the same intensity like before. There is still a support of Venus but not really strong and noticeable on all sides. October is not roaring – it ends in calmness. However it might appear in a gentle golden glow…

Conditions are becoming more and more solid.

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The sun will support you!

The sun gives confidence caused by the influence of Libra. It is pleasing – now almost at the end of the year Jupiter return and gives all his gifts to Gemini - and he needs that. Saturn contact can be oppressive sometimes, but on the whole Saturn represents structure, solidity and limitation. It presents recognition and initiation with good and bad aspects.

Look out for Saturn!

Saturn is not the planet that invites you to easy living. He is much more the originator to sense ill-humoured – but the amiable kindness of Venus makes things turn to something gentle. For example: An event is visited in solitary mood and Venus gives the impetus to see things in an optimistic way and later you start to communicate and show yourself completely different. May Venus make you feel joyful and gives you the impetus to go on with a smile on your face and confidence at the heart. Overcome barricades and you will be richer and wiser than before!

November 2016 – invigorating effect by Mars

In the beginning of the month business matters run as usual - without beneficial effect by Mercury, but also not annoying. From 12th November Mercury enters in the sign of Sagittarius and now an opponent position to the own sign is represented: mistakes and misunderstandings will work and consequently wrong and not applicable solutions and conclusions will be drawn caused by that constellation. Beware wrong words and estimations – keep a keen eye on your environment and handle with care! The period is ongoing until the end of the month. 

This is not the time for passion and romance…

As Venus will have entered Sagittarius she has not her original expression. So things can become different and could cause misunderstanding. The phase changes and achieves equilibrium. When Venus enters in Capricorn there will be no time for romance or passion. Soft and tender love could be gracious as well – a good message: Mars enters in Aquarius and this significant astrological event has an invigorating effect on Gemini!     

Vitality and energy sent by Mars!

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Drive and Elan are your companions

His vitality shows vividness and this is something that is needed in those days in November! Saturn is a planet that represents limitation and he reduces too much of a good thing… but finally all the gifts of Jupiter are still to be found. Nothing stays forever – write a diary and remember all magic little things that you ought to find before. You will miss them, of course – but don’t be afraid you will not forget them and the effect is still ongoing in your heart and in your soul. Planets have a special character and those influences have an effect on you and your life.  

December 2016 – gifts of Jupiter

Invaluable gifts for Christmas by Jupiter!

Nothing meaningfulness occurs in career.  Mercury does not annoy but does not please equally. From 19th December he retires and rests until 8th January. Be careful with contract and negotiations. All that glitters is not gold, you could realize with wisdom and pride.

Venus brings wunderful Christmas days! 

Venus has an influence on Gemini from 7th December - it brings a marvellous time! Days of glorious anticipation are happening. Wonderful Christmas holidays and happy turn of the year will occur. Mars influence stays until 19th December then he enters in the sign of Pisces and forms a square – hustle and bustle during Advent. Tame Mars and give the grace of Venus a chance to become stronger by your support – it is the time of remission, peace and incarnation. Think of it and wonder, what is going on in this beneficial time on earth.

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