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2016 Libra Horoscope

Libra keeps permanent balance in 2016: Libra has Saturn and Jupiter at his side, but Venus is not amused

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2016 Libra Horoscope

Libra keeps permanent balance in 2016: Libra has Saturn and Jupiter at his side, but Venus is not amused

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2016 Libra Horoscope

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What an amazing Martian year is prepared for Libra in 2016! Saturn stays in the sign of Sagittarius in a positive position and gives a compensatory influence on Libra concerning all aspects of life. A fine year is expected by the support of Jupiter - it just happens every 12 years - so enjoy it at its best!

January 2016 – be cautious on professional matters

At the beginning of the year Libra has no satisfying perspectives on professional matters. Mercury enters in the sign of Capricorn and consequently a square means difficulties and delays. From 5th January Mercury is regressive and shows to act carefully with regard to business matters. The god of merchants could change into the god of thieves. So be vigilant about your properties and goods! On love matters, quite the contrary is prepared a good start in 2016.

A fine time of romance at the beginning of the year

Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius and forms an appealing sextile, which is actually comfortable during the unpleasant period of cold and damp weather. This period stays until 23th January – the rest of the month. After Libra changes into the sign of Capricorn - he sense no good news when Libra is found in such a constellation! Under the circumstances love is put on the back burner - nothing else is held in prospect.

Saturn requires  performance!

Saturn represents all-year a fine position in the sign of Sagittarius, but that means for the sign of Libra the year is at equilibrium – this makes fine prerequisites for a prosperous year in a pleasant atmosphere. Libra has to give a good performance.

February 2016 – highlighted events with regard to love and profession

Working on career the situation improves from 13th February: Mercury leaves the square and henceforth Mercury is beneficial. Mercury enters in the sign of Aquarius and this excellent position brings the first high spot on career for the sign of Libra. Now it is important to be engaged with zeal - after that satisfactory results will be shown. Everything might be gained – put it into your hand.}

Bright Venus…

From 17th February – mid-February concerning love matters things changes in a positive way when Venus enters in the sign of Aquarius and manifested the welcoming trigon. For Libra it is half measures without love, but now springtime is in the air and in Libra’s heart equally. Libra should feel fine and he should enjoy the prosperous and promising atmosphere in spring. Those, who are in search of a partner, could get succeed. It is offered a first-class opportunity to find one. Go outside and have a good look around! Saturn is brave and daring – use these persistent structures and make it likewise!

March 2016 – pleasant days

Until 5th March continue optimal conditions on professional level – after mercury enters in the sign of Pisces what means insignificance on business matters. It is a period without benefits and disadvantages. It has come a time of nice transaction – you can realize what you will have planned.

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Pleasant sensations!

…Concerning love matters to the same extent as on professional Level!

A fine time for love matters. This exceptional fine period stays until12 March after the performance continues in a satisfying way, but with less intensity without the trigon. the days are passing with tranquility and calmness - might be fine as well for a certain time. Nothing new is sent by Saturn – it keeps Libra in balance. Some fine and pleasant days can be expected in the month of early spring.

April 2016 – Venus is not amused

On 22nd March Mercury enters in the opponent sign of Aries and there it stays until 6th April. This opposition makes Libra credulous and too frivolous. Recklessness and carefreeness influences Virgo’s mindset and action. Craving for pleasure, hedonism and tendency to inappropriate and over-the-top expenditures burden Libra at the moment.

Act with consideration.

On professional level this tendency is not beneficial. Calm and tranquil days on emotional level continue until 5th April - later by Venus is created an opposition, which shows considerable dimensions. Erotic tension could appear and longing and desire remains without response. Libra experience Recklessness and carefreeness influences Virgo’s mindset and action. Craving for pleasure, hedonism and tendency to inappropriate and over-the-top expenditures burden Libra at the moment.

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Merry month of May... it may happen lots of love

Venus annoys Libra!

Libra shows his unfriendly face towards his environment and personal interaction. Equally Libra sense indifferent - even his hobbies cannot cheer up his mind. It is briefly said:   Venus is annoyed and nobody knows the reason why. This status actually remains until 30th April. At the beginning of the merry month of May - 1st May it is getting better. The future is promising - Saturn support Libra's activities and brings balance back to Libra’s emotional status. Harvest time has not yet arrived – Libra must be patient: vintage wine takes its time.               

May 2016 - the merry month of May at its best

After 28th April mercury has its second regression this year and again starts a period accompanied with crucial behaviour. The regression stays until 22nd May – later on continue business matters as usual: no disturbance or particular high stresses.

Enjoy the merry month of May!

Venus enters in the sign of Taurus and this phase shows no particular high spots on love and romance, but, however, it is still a time to think about emotional matter and perceive little thing of love and affection. It is perfect to share it in the merry month of May – when the air is scent with blossoms of spring. It stays until 24th May and after another emotional high spot is performed - what else do you prefer? Fabulous time for romance continue until 17th May. Those, who are actually interested in meeting the soul mate or a new partner for a life time, might be successful! It represents the perfect matter to advance more quickly. Certainly it is the merry month!

Saturn demands commitment…

Saturn prefers to be hard-working and emotional matters do not make sense… Following up Saturn gives certainty for the future. Libras are idealists – they like to be surrounded by beauty and charisma. Libras are not willed to renounce such things – Saturn vs. Libras:  show different point of views.   

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Pleasant sensations! 

June 2016- what’s wrong with Venus?

On business matters the improvement suggestions are accepted when on 12th June Mercury enters in the sign of Gemini and thereafter a wonderful trigon is created – just win! Until 17th June the marvellous time for love and romance takes place, but it will not remain for ever. Libra is amiciable and is missing Venus' affection.

A Cornucopia full of happiness of love is refused until mid-June. Ugliness represents the ultimate no-go for Libra and Venus.  Unkindness and lovelessness are despicable – all the opponents are obviously to be seen. When the square appears Libra suffers - it stays until 12th July. Insipid flavour – it does not matter where you are. Saturn is still not interested in the mental and emotional condition of Libra - it is still the same. The relationship between Libra and Saturn must be regarded as frozen. Despite aversion: Saturn gives Libras reasonable solutions and prosperous options for the future. Saturn demands for commitment, it is just the way it is.

July 2016 – boom and bust cycles: now boom!

Mercury enters in the sign of Cancer on 30th July and stays until 14th July – no fine results on professional level might be expected. Consider hesitation, difficulties and disturbance – I' m afraid so! It getting better after 14th July – a convenient sextile is created and it’s time of prosperity anew.

Venus is returning

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Enjoy life and keep balance!

On 12th July the square of Venus ends –this means good news finally: Libra is longing for love and affection again… And now love is flourishing! Thanks to Venus. It is nothing left to say except: a precious time now has come…

August 2016 – Mars brings vigour

When Mercury stays in Virgo comes a time without excessive emotion and demands – you can work diligently without disturbance and interruption. Concerning love matters and romance as well. Until 5th August the sextile continues after Venus enters in the sign of Virgo then the sextile disappears and with its new position it is created a phase for insight and hidden love.

Mars sends strong energy.

On 2nd August Mars enters in the sign of Sagittarius - caused by this event Libra develops strong energies and gets a splendid flow! Mars is always good at sending vividness and vitality and without its values we feel a loss of vigour. Mars now gives its support to Libras. This good news makes Libra feel gratefully in mind – curious and full of suspense Libra expects the coming month.

September 2016 – lucky Libra

Soon the high spots appear on stage… Birthday children from 23rd September up to 22nd October– that’s just the way it is! The most prosperous time for Libra now has come and brings him lots of valuable presents like vividness, vitality and joy – in short matters: zest for life. Mercury enters in the sign of Virgo -its regressive phase remains from 30th August to 22nd September. Libra must have a keen eye on business and commercial interactions!

Perceive the highest spirits of emotion.

Best news released by Venus...On 31th August Libra enters in the sign of Libra and promises supremely emotional experiences. Those, who try to find a new partner and soul mate, may not be disappointed. The peak period stays until 23rd September- praising love and emotion. Mars and Venus are gracious.

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Fortune will come certainly... 

Jupiter enters into the sign of Libra - all in all: suspense during the entire year!

Good news is turning to best news! Lucky Jupiter works again…have a look at its list. On 9th September Jupiter enter in the sign of Libra and is resting almost an entire year – this mission has consequences for Libras – Lucky fellows without any doubt and hesitation. What does that mean in practise? Jupiter represents aspiring and subliming ideals and values. Actually you are interested in higher spirit, like philosophy, religion and education it is given to you a profound initiation and manifestation. With consideration of legal matters and affairs justice is befalling the persons concerned. A helpful hand or advice is passed – on the medical sector you could be confronted with a doctor that gives you the inquired response - or you improve a diet. When you are on a journey – each journey is likewise a journey of initiation – you will get fabulous experiences, thanks to Jupiter.

All these things are the invaluable gifts that are offered by Jupiter. If Jupiter has the will to support you, you are one of the chosen ones to win the lottery - you make the game! Maybe each of you could win, couldn’t you? When Jupiter is convinced it works…

October 2016 - top it!

October is the top month for Libra on professional level. Mercury enters in the sign of Libra and gives prosperity. Those, who agree with Jupiter could gain success and would be rewarded… And for those, who are retired comes a time to communicate - a time of comprehension, Mercury’s good spirit appears: the spirit of communication and togetherness, facing each other. Those, who are striving for the pay rise, might ask for it – the best chance is now! In case of the new challenge on professional level or another occupation you could find out and start anew.

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Many thanks Jupiter and Venus!

Venus is regardful towards Libras…

After average level passion is now on its way back and adds benefits of love. On 18th October Venus enters into the sign of Sagittarius with lots of love – a splendid time… After entering into the sign of Sagittarius Venus is contented – it rests until 12th November. Finally some useful advice concerning Jupiter –lucky Jupiter likes to give gifts and presents: have a good look around, Libra… Thanks for sharing this! Every single Libra should have been taken into consideration – believe in Jupiter.

November 2016 – presents and gifts are given by Jupiter

November start s at average level, but it does not compromise anything at all. Libra faces better opportunities after 12th November when mercury enters into the sign of Sagittarius, where he feels most comfortable.The pleasant sextile stays until 2nd December. Those, who are intended to regain lost time, could succeed in business – try now!

Love is kept on back burner.

A beneficial period for love matters and affection until 12th November – after it is followed by an ill-tempered square that keeps its presence until 7th December, the same as usual. Love is kept on back burner – Venus decides…As always: give and take. Mars leaves the square on 9th November where it has stayed since the beginning of the month then Libra could more easily get infected – take good care for your physical condition; Libra! Another constellation gives a fine position and makes Libra more vigour and vital… obliged Libra. Soon another gift is given by Jupiter.  An amazing year for Libra is prepared with exuberance, represented by perfect intensity, which happens approximately once in a cycle of 12 years. Heartfelt thanks to Jupiter! Watch intently and discover what sorts of gifts are offered to you - accept them gladly.

December 2016 – Merry Christmas

On professional level Libra suffers from the influence of the square – as usual – it means nothing at all is magic – take your steps one by one with care and patience. On 19th December - for the 4th time this year- Mercury starts again its regressive phase staying until 8th January and hence, the rule of cautiousness is necessary. No risks, but play safe is the motto during these days

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Poetic justice

Practise exercise cautious on business and career.

If you are confronted with contract negotiations, scrutinise generously – maybe you should postpone the date after 8th January. No regrets, feel content. After 7th December a marvellous time with regard to love and affection follows. Venus leaves its square and changes being part of a trigon with the gentle force of affection towards Libra. The pleasant time of peace on earth now has come – that remains to be said: Merry Christmas and such a marvellous turn of the year actually can be expected. What a fantastic present!

Mars sends energy to equalize the stressful pre-Christmas season with its excessive obligations.

Merry Christmas season and turn of the year is guaranteed! Mars sends vigour – it is beneficial to manage and master the stressful side effects during Christmas season – reply with another cordial thanks. Christmas season is definite and you could make the best of it – added by gifts and presents – especially by Jupiter, but discover and preserve them all the month. Send your heartfelt thanks to Jupiter!

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