Annual horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (c) godfer / Fotolia

2016 Sagittarius Horoscope

Saturn might be the master of Sagittarius in 2016: Even some lessons should be learnt…Most things run smoothly caused by the grace of Venus and Mercury.

Annual horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (c) godfer / Fotolia

2016 Sagittarius Horoscope

Saturn might be the master of Sagittarius in 2016: Even some lessons should be learnt…Most things run smoothly caused by the grace of Venus and Mercury.

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2016 Sagittarius Horoscope

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All-the-year Sagittarians are controlled by the influence of Saturn. Saturn represents the strict teacher among other planets.Hence there is a lot that has to be learnt… already in spring a flowery atmosphere is created by gracious Venus.Things run almost automatically – thanks to Mercury – and summer time promises unforgettable moments… And what about the Martian year with regard to Sagittarians? He offers vigour and vitality and helps to find a way to overcome deplorable days.

January 2016 – a breathtaking time for romance

Saturn has s significant influence on Sagittarius in 2016 - all birthdays within that period are influenced by this conjunction.We consider both sides and must realize that passive stages finally cause the contrary and bring on initiation and benefitting personal development. It is not the point to give up or show lamentation during such teaching and learning processes, but the message might be: move on, don’t hesitate or leave the stage - believe in your strong conviction.You must unwillingly face the confrontation and pass the ball - you have to go through this learning process, which reveals a significant initiation…Just after having comprehension you could be able to achieve another level of acknowledgement.

Saturn has saved you karma of the past.

Saturn never denies – he is the Guardian of the Threshold. Saturn could represent the prosecutor to regain exercise of your present terrestrial existence. Thus are appearing various types od characters. Some person could suffer hardship and in contrast another pool of people could ignore those vibrations. Angels are rarely to be seen – most human beings feel no confidence and must be convinced of their existence. Saturn enters in various zodiac sign - and leaves them after 2 and a half year - maybe this could give consolation and his discernible influence persists beyond this period. After leaving behind Sagittarius Saturn enters in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and consequently she is controlled and exercised – following are Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and be continued. Now let’s take a closer look at each single month of the year after passing the general estimation.

Be cautious with long-term liabilities!

On professional level Sagittarius sense the regressiveness of Mercury for the period from 5th up to 25th January. Regressiveness is always a phase to be aware with regard to professional matters. Be cautious with long-term liabilities! Postpone contracts up to the phase of direct motion – there remains enough time to object and take all the time you need to make your decision. If there should have been made some mistakes in the past, now the time has come to correct them - under quite difficult circumstances. In combination with the direct motion of the planet on 26th January life on professional level is returning to normal course. On love matters things may run better.

Venus and Sagittarius – a dream team from the viewpoint of love…

Venus stands in the sign of Sagittarius - for the benefit of Sagittarius - it means significant emotional high spots at the beginning of the year, this situation continues until 23rd January. Even the weather is cold outside for Sagittarians it represents the beginning of a new hot phase of darting and looking out for romance and maybe an engagement.A new partner could be found in case of going outside and partying – nothing happens automatically. Sagittarius are inspiring and like to go on a journey – that is always a fine way to gain some experience. Dear Sagittarians: Wishing you the very best for this time of breathtaking romance!

February 2016 – tender love

At the beginning of the month Mercury enters into Capricorn and a neutral and withdrawing phase is currently being processed. Mid-February, on 13th, Mercury enters into the sign of Aquarius and stays until 5th March. A sextile is created by this comfortable constellation for Sagittarians – it means Mercury endorse Sagittarius in an attentive way. Those who are diligent are gaining a successful response caused by Mercury – it is offered and may be rewarded.

Venus enters into the sign of Capricorn.

On 23rd January Venus stays in the sign of Capricorn and has a retracted position and shows an afterglow of ardent romance… preparing the next passionate high spot! For old lovers it could be offered a chance to mutual awareness once again – maybe unexpectedly. Mid-February, on 17th when Venus enters into the sign of Aquarius the time for romance gets another dimension of intensity. A fine time for romance – be satisfied with it! At the beginning of the month some marvelous moments of romance happen!

March 2016 – a month full of successful spirit

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Mercury makes you smile...

On professional level it’s going like clockwork until 5th March. Those who are calculating their horoscopes are informed about these topics and know what they have to do… it’s merely a fact the stars are not appearing in a beneficial constellation at the moment. Five days later Mercury enters into the sign of Pisces and this represents actually no promising constellation thus a square is formed.  A neutral and withdrawing phase is currently being processed. Nothing really happens now, but it does not matter anything at all – representing experiences for thousands of years. If it should happen something spectacular, it might have been decided before… and ought to be executed or finished delayed. Troubled times and difficulties might rest until 21st March. When this period has passed Mercury enters into fire sign of Aries, which is similar in character and a beneficial trigon is made – which brings remarkable results.

Heartfelt thanks to Mercury!

Things run automatically now and this is just great! Those, who agree with Jupiter, could gain success and would be rewarded… Mercury is at your side - thanks a lot! Venus January 2016 – Venus spoils still Sagittarians up to 12th March, nearly half a month. Venus changes unexpectedly its attitude and begins being moody. It is just the way it is – the way love plays – all we want is being happy. We know about it, but we don’t know why…

April 2016 – passionate love

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Fortune of love - precious time together...

Prosperous development caused by Mercury's influence until 5th April. This procedure continues on, because Mercury enters into the sign of Taurus on 6th April – now starts a period without any excitement, but it is such a fine time to work more intensively and with diligence on your career. It changes when on 28th April Mercury starts its regressive phase up to 22nd May. Be aware because the god of merchant could change easily to the god of thieves. Be aware of your goods and riches – have a keen eye for your possessions. Follow that advice and nothing bad might be happen to you.

Passionate highlights may be expected.

Venus leaves the square and its unkindness towards Sagittarius disappears, when she enters the sign of Aries on 5th April and another passionate period begins... But for those who like to keep in calm waters: they could choose for which path they will decide. Other zodiac sign would have been glad about such emotional approaches. Thanks to Venus.

May 2016 – Mars sends vitality

The regressive phase continues until 22nd May and after Venus return to its direct motion and work could be done easily. This is good news. Venus stays in the sign of Taurus and ´with this constellation you could be content. No glamorous for love and illusions, but filled with calmness and tranquility happens a tender time - the merry month of May lives up its name. After 24th May Venus enters into the sign of Gemini and Sagittarius experience some uncomfortable situations with difficulties and trouble on different topics might be expected.

Envy and jealousy appear on stage.

Maybe concerning love matters and half-baked emotional conceptions new critical awareness could raise towards spouse, fiancée and lovers. It’s not up to you, but for those that won’t read our written composition. Envy and Jealousy are faithful companions during the current emotional status - followed by inner discontent. Quarrelsome indifference concerning wealth and possessions are faithful companions at that moment - hesitate and act conservatively. All things must passed away and this also means a time full of tension, but after 17th June it is getting better – with a special view to love matters and romance.

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Remove misunderstandings... 

The planet of the year is Mars - it sends lots of vitality and vigour.

Mars stays still at the side of Sagittarius this month - in the sign of Sagittarius itself - so a lot of energy flows directly to him. Thanks to Mars. Its vitality should be applied on conditions that represent the stage of career and business. 

June 2016 – could not careless attitude

On professional level it runs smoothly until 12th June and then Mercury creates an opposition and keeps its unfriendly face until 29th June. Could not be careless - take a precise look at contractual interactions, negotiations- and have in mind to act cautiously in general. The lack of level-headed behaviour could be shown and the obvious change of the point of view. Ongoing discussions without content are exhausting. 

Maybe you’ve got a lack of discipline?

All activities and actions are risky without the presence of discipline and concentration and cannot be executed in a perfect way. It’s not up to you, but for those that won’t read our written composition. Knowledge is power. On 30th June this opposition is finished and a calmer and slower period may be expected with consequently fine results will be achieved.

From the second half of the month Venus already shines brightly again!

Another promising period for romance is reactivated with the second half of the month – it begins with the end of Venus’ opposition. Soon you might have forgotten past seasons and past events: from your present point of view having a clear look at the bright future! Having a better life, without grudges!

July 2016 – they are succeeding

Mercury stays in the sign of Cancer and your career and negotiations develop successfully – this phase continues up to 13th July. After passing 14th July it is getting still much better, because Mercury enters into the fire sign Leo, with similar characteristics. Another beneficial trigon constellation has arrived and a professional high spot as well. It’s also good to know.

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Zest for life...hooray and welcome! 

First successes are gained – stressless!

Even without doing anything you achieve fine success- caused by the beneficial influence of the trigon, but those who make greater effort the success could be striking! Take your time and take your chance – the prosperous period of time takes a fortnight: from 15th to 30th July. Danach ist es leider wieder einmal vorbei mit den relativ leichten Erfolgen. Romance and career go hand in hand at the moment – such a big deal! The first half of the month is just satisfying, but within the second a passionate high light appears on stage.

Someone attractive crosses your path!

When Venus alters its position and goes into the sign of Leo, a promising trigon is structured by the sun. Its Significance rise to the surface: benefits and you might now reach for the stars… A becoming partner could cross your path - it might actually happen. For those, who are actually in search of someone new the time is high and those will do the rest to get succeed. However, promising success and good luck.

August 2016 – who’s interrupting?

Every cloud has a silver lining – as you know the weather changes all the time. Mercury enters in the sign of Virgo on 30th July and remains for quite a long time – up to 7th October. Then a square reappears, consequently difficulties appear equally – that’s always the way it is.

Mercury is presented in an awkward position.

It is no promising position, but sometimes business could run as usual without significant incidents. It is not the first experience like that and won’t be the last. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – could be avoid next time. Work precisely! Not yet a spectacular promise is given – but no impressive offerings and gifts are made at the moment.  You do your daily work without molestation. After this period things are getting better. Romance and career go hand in hand at the moment – such a big deal! On 5th August Venus enters into the sign of Virgo and structures an unpopular square, which remains until 30th August. For e few among us it could be a rather long phase. Trigons and squares have their own rules and paths you have to follow…  Don’t feel encouraged – routine is in demand and possibly the welcome and greeting kisses aren’t cordial: connive it at the moment – it might even be the best solution. 

…Concerning love matters to the same extent as on professional level!

Nuances on love matters are obliging. Each single change in behaviour is realized and exactly perceived. However, great love considers little discrepancies but behave indulgent and clemently towards your spouse, fiancée and lovers – finally it’s a frequent occurrence. This is caused by the square of Venus and it could have various strong effects.  There’s nothing left to do. After it is getting better again…Mars is at Sagittarius’ side and gives a lot of energy and vigour- thanks a lot! Further surprises are made next month – you may be curious what will be performed…

September 2016 – passionate love

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Between 31st August and 22nd September Mercury is regressive. Calculate with extraordinary difficulties. On professional level it is recommended to act mindful. Be cautious with business transactions, contract negotiations and special offers – have a close look at all that matters. Authorities can’t blame them –when they introduce some unpleasant measures against you. When Mercury reappears during its phase of regression so that there are shown difficulties in career. Correct now your mistake of the past – it’s too late to complain. It is shown by difficulties in career.

Promising developments

On love matters things may run better. Venus enters into the sign of Libra and a beneficial sextile for Sagittarius is now formed. Now love is on stage with immense intensity and you recognise immediately. What an immediate effect! Thanks to Venus. Mars stays still in the sign of Sagittarius and gives vigour and energy – how nice!

Jupiter gives its support until the end of the year!

Jupiter brings good news. On 9th Jupiter enters into the sign of Libra and is becoming more beneficial towards Sagittarius. Lucky Jupiter as we know.  Jupiter represents sublime ideals and has a significant influence on spiritual topics. 

Sagittarius, seize your chance to obtain justice.

If you are inspired by religion, philosophy and higher education you will achieve profound knowledge. Jupiter activates curative effects on the human body! Maybe you find a diet that works well or a disease is accelerated in its healing process… it can be expected a lot now in these days. If you go on a journey - a journey of individuation or a real journey – might always bring many experiences of different colours…Journey and education: an initiation, a confrontation, purpose and solutions can be found in this way. Some fine things will happen and gifts will be offered as well. A most impressive evaluating phase will occur and great happiness could be possible… Sagittarians has the obvious chance to be lead to the path of happiness; caused by this conjunction you should think great and in a fantastic way then could be gained prosperity and much more this year! Sagittarians are given lots of gifts and presents this year. 

© Brian Jackson -

Thanks Jupiter: Your wishes may come true...

October 2016 – nothing else than love

The lean period on professional level is finished on 7th October when Mercury leaves the sign Virgo and changes to the sign of Libra - after this has happened Mercury is fully engaged and supports during that phase the implementation of Sagittarius’ plans. Promising development – it might even be perceptible. And even better news brings Venus, which enters on 18th October into the sign of Sagittarius and makes Sagittarians more passionate than before!

Venus stays in the sign of Sagittarius

Passionate high spots are now on stage: high spirits on emotional level with romance and passion! Old lovers are spoiled in those days of passion with affectionate experiences and learn anew how to tell "I love you” still – and this actually might be true in the end. Those, who are in search of a partner, could get succeed. Sagittarians get the first-class opportunity to find one. Make up your mind and start looking around: what’s up with you? You will be rewarded later. But you have to get back on your feet… Lucky Jupiter and endearing Venus are bringing new experiences. Jupiter is the so-called lucky Jupiter – its sphere represents the sublime ideals like love and devotion. The peak period for romance continues on up to 12th November. 

November 2016 – precious presents

From 22nd November until 21st December Sagittarians celebrate their birthdays and they are now fantastically spoiled by the sun with lots of vividness, joy and optimism! Birthday congratulation, Sagittarius! The support continues on in a miraculous way on your career – on 12th November when Mercury enters into the sign of Sagittarius – high spirits are currently on their way. Peak results are to be expected.

Those, who are striving for the pay rise, might ask for it – the best chance is now!

Those, who agree with Jupiter, could gain success and might reward… Those, who are striving for the pay rise, might ask for it – the best chance is now! In case of the new challenges on professional level you could find out something new and would have favourable starting conditions. Whatever, you would decide to do all the best for the future. High spots of love and romance are to be expected when Venus enters into the sign of Sagittarius on 12th November.

Jupiter, such a noble benefactor…

Finally some useful advice concerning Jupiter – lucky Jupiter likes to give gifts and presents: have a good look around, Sagittarius! However, thanks to Jupiter and his formidable presents! Those of you dear Sagittarians, who might be full of awareness, will discover the most.

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Emotional Christmas time...

December 2016 - joyous Christmas season

On 19th December - for the 4th time this year- Mercury starts again its regressive phase staying until 8th January and hence, the rule of cautiousness is necessary. If you are confronted with contract negotiations, scrutinise generously. 

Merry Christmas and such a harmonious turn of the year, thanks Venus!

Venus enters into the sign of Aquarius on 8th December and remains there for the rest of the month – so marvellous times of romance and passion are guaranteed, therefore a merry Christmas season is now arriving – enjoy it all together with palpable harmonious ambience! What else could be expected? Maybe something more is left for the rest of the month -if all presents would have been given to you on Christmas day… We reply with cordiality. Thanks for all these presents and invaluable gifts that are offered.

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