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The annual horoscope of 2016 was written by Kurt Franz and published by astrosofa.com

He, himself has the sun in the sign of Pisces, his ascendant is Taurus, the moon is in the sign of Virgo and Jupiter stays in 10th house. Kurt started early in life questioning. During his unsatisfied studies of philosophy – he criticised the procedure and methodical approach - and started already with his own short essays. Creating and performing of plays was his topic - and equally the work as a director. In his former days he was a publisher of a cultural journal and worked a director of a culture centre.

He began early with the occupation of astrology, which represented a fabulous possibility to come to know about the world and earthly existence. When Kurt reached the age of forty he dedicated to Rudolf Steiner and his teaching of anthropology. Oriented to the arts of Jacob Lorber – as the crown of knowledge – Kurt realized what it means to occupy with the studies of this standard. By the belief in several incarnations – and strong conviction of the fundamental change of earthly appearance – the procedure of evolution – this topic shows the ladder of spiritual attainments within the divine order.


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