Cancer 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

Venus and Mars will truly be blossoming for Cancer at the start of 2017. With such a good start, both work and everyday life will seem a little easier.

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Venus and Mars will truly be blossoming for Cancer at the start of the year. With such a good start, both work and everyday life will seem a little easier. Thanks to the stars, the summer months promise a good climate for love from June to the middle of September. Upward trends will also be noticeable in professional matters. Cancers should watch out for themselves towards the end of the year, and take good care of their needs and their physical health.

January – March

A few days before the new year begins, Venus will start off in the related sign Pisces. From there, it will form a positive aspect to the sun of Cancer, leading to an outstanding period for love throughout all of January. The same is also true of Mars, which will also be in Pisces throughout all of January, giving its full power to Cancer from this position. However, as a warning, Mercury is in retrograde. Caution in your professional life would be prudent. All in all, however, it will be a good start to the year.

Your professional situation will start to improve in the second third of February, since Mercury will be moving to Aquarius and Mercury’s retrograde period will have ended. You won’t have many disruptions to deal with after this point. However, Venus and Mars will be leaving the first-class aspects they assumed in January, reducing their influence. High points in both your love life and in terms of internal energy will seem a bit more rare. It would also be a good idea to pay attention to your health during this time.

At the beginning of March, Mercury will be in the related water sign Pisces, creating very positive conditions for doing good work or making good deals at your job. However, you’ll have to hurry to achieve the best results; in the second half of the month this positive constellation will have ended. Venus will still be a little out of tune throughout the month of March. However, Mars and all its zeal will be back on Cancer’s side starting in the second third of the month.

April – June

Things don’t look bad on the professional front for April, at least not in the first third of the month. Afterwards, however, Mercury will be in retrograde, indicating communication problems. If you work conscientiously and take special care, you’ll likely be able to avoid most of these errors. Things will finally be looking up in terms of love. Venus will be acting positively from Pisces, and this will result in many happy moments for Cancer. Mars will once again be contributing plenty of energy and vigor to benefit Cancer.

The best news will be coming from Mercury in May. It will be in Taurus in the middle of the month, which will have a positive influence on Cancer. Its retrograde period will also be over, so you won’t have to deal with as many disruptions in communication. Venus will be leaving its outstanding aspect, however, reducing its favor to a more normal level. No matter - this is a good time to pay attention to changing circumstances, and not become arrogant. Mars will also be a little less lively, giving Cancers a chance to relax

The situation will improve markedly in June. There will be a noticeable upward trend in your professional life, and Cancers can expect the high point of their year in career matters after the second third of the month. Signs are also positive when it comes to love; Venus will continue to send Cancer its favor - something to look forward to. It will be acting from Taurus throughout almost the entire month, which will have very positive and noticeable effects. Perhaps the best news is coming from Mars, which will be moving into your own sign Cancer and sending its full energy to Cancers from there. Certainly a good time to get things done!

July – September

Good times will be continuing in July - their intensity may let up slightly, but there will not be a dramatic shift. You can look forward to support from the stars in both your professional activities and your love life. And Mars will continue to send lots of energy, power, and endurance to Cancers.

In August of 2017, Venus will be moving into your own sign Cancer. This means the high point of the year is at hand for Cancers when it comes to love. Now could be a good time to find your partner for life, if you haven’t already. Of course, you will need to go out with your friends and meet new people, if you don’t want to miss the most promising time of the year to find your soul mate. Things will also be going well on the professional front, and will continue to do so for quite some time.

In September of 2017, Cancers will enjoy satisfying career prospects. Venus will be reducing her fervor somewhat in the start of the month, but in the last third of September she will be kindling her flames once again. Lots of power and dedication will be coming from Mars, so projects you’ve been working on will seemingly complete themselves.

October – December

We can’t always enjoy happy days; otherwise, we wouldn’t recognize or enjoy them when they were here. It is only through the interplay of different energies that we learn to appreciate their different qualities. Nevertheless, things don’t look bad for Cancer. After a few disruptions that could come up in your career over the first half of October, the second half will be looking up once again. Things are just the opposite on the love front; the first half of the month will be a good time for love, but intensity will wane somewhat in the second half. Mars will continue to send lots of energy during the first two thirds of the month. Afterwards, however, Cancers should look out for their health.

The stars will be somewhat neutral in November of 2017 when it comes to your career - their support will be there, but not exactly strong. Things are quite different in the love area. After the first few days of November, Venus will be moving into the related sign of Scorpio, also a water sign, creating a favorable trine that will certainly have positive effects for Cancers. We would recommend taking special care of your body and your health. Mars has to be kept in check; otherwise, it can often react with too much forcefulness. So take some time for yourself, and make sure you get out and take a walk even if the weather looks drab.

Professionally, things look roughly the same in December as they did in November for Cancers. Mercury will be in retrograde, however, so use special caution lest difficulties crop up. Of course, with enough attention to detail you’ll certainly be able to avoid errors. A calmer period is beginning in your love life, however it will be a good match for the season. After the first third of the month, the tensions of Mars will have passed, allowing it to exercise its power in a more positive manner once again. Of course, if you’re already used to going for walks every day, they’ll continue to have positive effects in December as well. 

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