Capricorn 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

Venus’s athletic energy at the start of the year, and the intoxication of love at the end. The year 2017 has some great experiences in store for Capricorns, according to their horoscope!

Capricorns are especially good at athletic activities in the start of the year, since they have plenty of excess energy. Capricorns can then enjoy a wonderful time for love in the summer, as Venus will be moving into the related sign Taurus. Mercury will also be coming along to contribute its energy, leading to good job prospects. We would only urge caution when Mercury is retrograde, as things could get a bit bumpy. Jupiter will form a positive sextile in October, which means support in all areas and could bring joys both big and small to your life. All you need to do is be attentive to discover and accept the gifts Jupiter is presenting you with. Venus will celebrate the end of the year with Capricorns in the throes of love. Christmas is a romantic time, and an especially auspicious opportunity to start a new relationship! A great way to end the year!

January – March

Mercury will be in your own sign, Capricorn, during January, meaning optimal conditions for your professional life. The only small defect is that Mercury will be retrograde in the first week of the month, so you may need to deal with communication difficulties. Afterward, however, nothing will stand in the way of optimal results. Venus will be in Pisces and form a positive aspect, so your love life will go very well in January. Mars will also be in Pisces, from where it can transmit plenty of energy and strength to Capricorns. A lovely month.

Optimal conditions will continue on the professional front during the first week of February, after which circumstances will normalize to a satisfying level. Venus’s intentions are not quite as good. She will move to Aries after the first week, forming a square with the sun of Capricorns. She’ll be pouting, which you might notice in a certain moodiness. Mars will be following Venus’s lead, reacting with a square as well that could make Capricorns somewhat impetuous. Blowing off all that extra energy by playing sports would be a good option.

Things will still be going very well in your professional life in the first half of March, but afterwards Mercury will form a square. Things might not seem to go quite so easily after that. You will need to try harder than usual. Venus will stay stubbornly in her square throughout the entire month, so you won’t be too interested in love. Mars will be improving after the first third of the month, once again sending plenty of power and energy.    

April – June

The first two thirds of April will go very well in your professional life. Things will be a bit more difficult after that, as Mercury once again forms a square. There is also one small defect. Mercury will be in retrograde during the first third, so you may have to deal with communication difficulties and mishaps. However, Venus will suddenly improve after the first days of the month and take a positive turn. She’ll be playing quite a different tune, letting Capricorns have a taste of the good life once again. This is a positive development, and Capricorns wouldn’t mind it if things always stayed this way.

Your professional life will be strenuous once again in May, and stay that way until the middle of the month. Then things will get better all of a sudden in this area. Mercury will be moving into the related sign Taurus, from which it can send lots of positive support. Unfortunately, Venus will be moving back to Aries and forming another square the entire month long. As a result, love is going to be on the back burner. Mars will only be providing a moderate amount of power, but it will be sufficient for the tasks you’ll have to handle. 

Normal, average conditions will prevail in your professional life in June. However, Venus will be increasing her influence as well. She will be moving to the related sign Taurus after the first week, creating a beneficial trine with effects Capricorns will certainly notice. But these times won’t last forever. Mars will move to an oppositional position, that could make it very energetic or even aggressive in some instances. Playing lots of sports is the best answer, and an ideal way to channel excess energy.

July – September

Working relationships will be good in July, and even ideal in the last week of the month as Mercury moves to the related earth sign Virgo and has good opportunities go send Capricorns plenty of spiritual potential from there. Venus’s wave of love will ebb after the first week. Although conditions will no longer be entirely ideal, you’ll still be satisfied with her somewhat reduced support. You’ll still feel charged up with energy in the first two thirds of the month, which could make you feel stubborn and inflexible. It would be a good idea to save your strength. Your situation will improve in the last third of the month.

Mercury will be in Virgo during August, a very positive position that promises very good success in your career life. However, there will be a small defect entering the picture once again in the middle of the month. Mercury will be retrograde once again, so we advice the utmost caution in negotiations and with contracts, etc., since you could easily make a wrong decision. Venus will form an opposition to Capricorn from Cancer, and could spread some disappointment. You might notice a feeling of isolation, as well as unfavorable financial regulations. Things will get better in the final days of August. Mars will be providing a satisfactory amount of support.

Mercury’s retrograde phase will end after the first days of September, after which the planet will be in a very positive position in Virgo. Nothing will stand in the way of excellent success on the career front. Venus will also be contributing more energy towards your love life, with conditions becoming optimal in the last third of the month. She’ll also be in the related sign Virgo, from which she will act quite positively. You will certainly notice this shift. Mars will also enter the sign Virgo during the first week of the month, and you will feel optimal energy from Mars for the rest of the month. One of your best months!

October – December

The Power of Nature

Mercury will be in opposition during the first half of October, indicating you might face difficulties in your job. Things will be much better in the second half of the month, since Mercury will be taking a much better position. Venus will still be in optimal position in the first half of the month, which Capricorns will notice. Her influence will, unfortunately, wane after this time. She will form a square with the sun of Capricorn, so Capricorns won’t have much interest in love after that. Mars’s boost of energy, however, remains outstanding. The lucky planet Jupiter will also be making its first appearance. It will form a positive sextile after the first third of the month, which means support on every level.

Professional prospects in November are average or normal. The optimal period has ended, but it will come back. Have patience. Venus will end its unfavorable square after the first week of the month, after which things will suddenly get better in your love life. It will now be in Scorpio, from which it can have a supportive effect on Capricorns. Now it’s Mars’s turn to form a square, which it will remain in for the entire month. This could mean losses in your professional life. You should certainly take care of your health; otherwise you could experience health problems or illnesses. Make sure to take breaks. You’ll be able to count on positive support from Jupiter during this time, however.

After the first days of December Mercury’s retrograde position will return, so precise work will be required once again to make sure errors don’t crop up. Errors that have happened in the past might make themselves known now. You won’t be able to do anything about this, but you will have to correct them. Venus will ensure an average love life, which will be gratifying. In the last week, however, it will enter your own sign Capricorn, which is the best position it could possibly take. Now anything is possible when it comes to love - you might find your soulmate, and this would be a great time to schedule a wedding. Venus will be contributing all her strength to making Capricorns happy. Jupiter could also chime in with a gift or two for Capricorns. Thanks a lot!

The Sign Capricorn - Grounded and Well-Balanced

Capricorns have a tireless diligence, and pursue their goals with ambition. Capricorns are realists who stand firmly on the ground with both feet. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Capricorn.

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