Leo 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

According to their 2017 horoscope, Leos will be enjoying the first blush of love for the year in February, and the lucky planet Jupiter will also be surprising them with little attentions.

Single Leos might just find their true loves at a Mardi Gras celebration in mid-February. The love goddess Venus will be in Aries in the middle of the month, sending lots of flirtatious energy and a fanciful mood your way. Thanks to Jupiter’s beneficence, spring will be colorful and full of gifts. In the middle of the year, Mercury could bring career success to your doorstep. The end of the year will also be marked by the potential for professional success, as Mercury and Mars provide the power and energy you need while Venus contributes a healthy dose of charm and love.

January – March

You might wish the support provided by Mercury and Venus in January was a little bit stronger, but you have to be satisfied with what you get sometimes. You should be very careful in your professional life, since the retrograde position of Mars means communication errors could occur. Venus also won’t exactly be in peak form, and you might wish she made an appearance more often. Mars will also be taking a bit of a break, but we won’t mind. Saturn, however, will prove a stabilizing force throughout the year, and Jupiter will also be contributing positive influences until the middle of October, which will be very satisfying.

Mercury will no longer be retrograde in February, but due to its oppositional position Leos should watch out for lies, errors, misunderstandings, and egoistic influences in their professional lives. So remain careful. Love looks very good once again, however. Venus will be moving to Aries in the middle of the month, which means a very positive aspect Leos will certainly notice. Mars will also be forming an auspicious trion, which means plenty of power for Leos.

From mid-March, Leos will begin to enjoy the first truly good professional prospects of the year. A good time for them to relax. Venus will continue to be in peak form. Since it is retrograde at the beginning of the month, an old flame might pop up - keep your eyes open. Mars will start off by providing its full energy, and from the second third of the month it might even be overdoing things a little bit. Leos should guard themselves against acting too hastily. If you have too much energy, athletic activity is the right answer. Just go let off some steam, instead of telling off the boss.

April – June

Mercury will become retrograde once again in April, which could once again lead to communication difficulties. Take special care in negotiations, with contracts, and in similar matters. Venus will be reducing her zeal to a more normal level, which has to happen now and then after all. Mars will also be guiding its energy in positive channels. Saturn will remain, providing long-term stability, and Jupiter might have a few positive surprises up its sleeve as well.

After Mercury’s retrograde period, which will convert to direct motion once again, May will bring an end to difficulties in your professional life. However, the square Mercury now forms with the sun of Leo indicates that everything still might not go quite as quickly as you would hope. Keeping calm will be the best way to handle the situation. However, good times are on the horizon once again in your love life, which is certainly right up Leo’s alley. Mars will also be providing its support once again with lots of energy. Jupiter might also send a gift or two your way as well. You can feel satisfied.  

Finally, things will be looking up considerably on the job front in June. Even better days are on the horizon, but for now, just feel satisfied with how things are going. Venus will be retreating quite a bit starting in the second third of the month, seeming to melt. Leos likely won’t be entirely satisfied, what with its great support during the month of May. Venus isn’t fond of such critiques, however. Mars’s contributions will be positive, as well as those from Saturn, which brings long-term stability. Jupiter also deserves some thanks, and is always good for a positive surprise.

July – September

When Mercury moves into Leo, which will be the case in the first few days of July, this is an optimal time for any career-related issues. You should definitely use these three weeks to work in favor of your interests - this will be your best opportunity. After the first few days of the month, Venus will be reconciled once again and moving into Gemini, from where it will have a beneficial effect on Leos. Mars will be in peak form once again starting in the third part of the month, giving force and energy to Leos. A great month!


Professionally, you’ll need to be somewhat careful in August. Mercury will be in retrograde once again starting in the middle of the month. So take special care in negotiations, etc. so you don’t run into any misunderstandings. Venus will be paying a “normal” level of attention to Leos up until the second third of the month, which is saying something. However, starting in the third part of the month Leos will experience their high point of the year when it comes to love. Venus will be acting from your own sign of Leo, meaning that it will be giving preference above all to the sign Leo itself. And Mars will also be acting from your own sign, triggering power and well-being. Another great month!

Mercury’s retrograde position will be ended in the first few days of September, meaning that your everyday career life will return to normal once again. Venus will remain in peak form, meaning this is a great time to get to know new people and especially to find new love. This peak period will continue to the third part of the month. Mars will slowly reduce its energy to a normal level, which is likely to be a very satisfying development. Saturn will continue to be a source of stability, and Jupiter will certainly provide a few more positive surprises if you watch out for them carefully.

October – December

October can be characterized as a “normal, everyday” time. Things look good professionally, as well as on the love front. You’ll also be satisfied with the energy provided by Mars. Saturn will remain a stabilizing factor. The only thing left is to say a big thank you to Jupiter, for giving Leos its support and positive influence for such a long period of time. Unfortunately, it will be leaving its beneficial position for Leos in October - it has to pay a bit of attention to the other signs now and then, after all. Each sign gets their share of attentions in due time. Jupiter will be back again, so start looking forward to its return now.

Mercury will once again form an outstanding aspect with the sun of Leo in November, which indicates more great results in your professional endeavors. If you apply yourself a bit more now than you normally do, this will have very satisfactory results. Mars will reliably provide the energy you need to do so. Only Venus will be in a bad mood. Just what we’d expect, isn’t it? Things might seem like they’re just not going your way. You’ll find yourself asking ten times to get one task completed. Thankfully, this state of affairs won’t last long. But things might seem out of tune for a while.

Didn’t I tell you? Take heart, the pouting won’t last forever. Venus will have made a sudden turn-around in December, blossoming and showing her best side. Leos got to know the other side last month, after all. In any case, great times will be back for your love life. That’s the good news. Professionally, you’ll need to be careful once again. Mercury will be in retrograde, which can lead to communication difficulties. This is the case three to four times a year. Mars will be contributing an average level of energy, and Saturn will continue to be a stabilizing force. All in all, you’ll still feel at peace with the world. 

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