Sagittarius 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

The planet Saturn will have an effect on Sagittarians’ 2017 horoscope, yet its sometimes obstructive energies will be checked through the intervention of Venus and Jupiter, the lucky planet.

It’s a good thing multiple forces are always working on each sign of the zodiac. Throughout 2017, Saturn will be directing its power intensively towards Sagittarians, which can sometimes have impeding results. However, Jupiter will be a counter force with its lucky energy. And Venus will show what she can do in March, to make sure Sagittarius has a chance for love too. Venus will continue to radiate love and passion to Sagittarians in late summer, and the planet Mars will also be in peak form. Jupiter will generally remain in the picture as well, and will be delivering gifts both large and small to warm the heart. Prudence would be wise, to make sure you recognize and appreciate these gifts as well. Very good career prospects will be opening up in October and November, as Mercury enters Libra and then your own sign, Sagittarius. Anything’s possible in your career now! The year will come to a very gratifying end, and the news that Saturn’s influence on Sagittarius is waning will also provide a good boost to your mood.

January – March

Saturn will have an obstructive effect on Sagittarius throughout almost the entire year, only releasing it in the first third of December. It’s just something you’ll have to live with. Fortunately, Jupiter will also be acting very positively on Sagittarians for many months, balancing many things out. Mercury will still be retrograde in the early days of January, so additional caution is warranted at your job. Afterwards, however, the impediments will be removed. Venus will be in Pisces, forming a square to the sun of Sagittarius, so you won’t find you have much appetite for love. Mars advises you take care of yourself and look out for your health.

Mercury will be moving to Aquarius after the first week of February, promising better conditions in your professional life. Venus will also be changing positions, and your love life will improve seemingly overnight. That’s the way she is, moving from one extreme to another. She can transform from abusive and snuffy to a good natured goddess radiating invaluable feelings of happiness. Mars will also be contributing quite a bit of power and energy. It will be a lovely and very positive month.

You may have to deal with some career difficulties from the beginning to the middle of March. Mercury will be in a square, so success will be difficult to find. In the middle of the month, however, Sagittarians will enjoy very good circumstances once again, and Mercury will be very generous. Venus will also be sending Sagittarius ideal conditions in their love lives the entire month long - you should use this opportunity. Mars will also be contributing quite a bit of power and energy - thanks! We should also say a special thank you to Jupiter, who contributes luck and happiness in all areas of our life, if we only know how to pay attention.

April – June

Mercury will be in retrograde after the first third of April, so you may have to deal with communication difficulties. Precise work is required to ensure you don’t make any errors. Apart from this, your chances of success are good. Venus will be returning to Pisces, which unfortunately means another square. You might not have much interest in love. Of course, if you are interested in love, your partner might not be. You know how it is. Mars might be a little tumultuous in the first third of the month, so you should expect a few outbursts of anger during this time. Jupiter will continue to provide support and happy moments.

Working conditions look good in May. And loving Venus will once again suddenly be in peak form. Let’s withhold our criticism; we all know she can be erratic. Let’s just be happy she doesn’t stay in her bad moods forever - instead, she can be quite a source of delight for long periods at a time. This is one of those times, in fact, so follow her lead. The high point on the love front will continue through the middle of the month, after which things will seem satisfactory. Mars remains tumultuous, and arguments could crop up. Jupiter will continue to distribute its gifts; you simply need to watch very carefully to make sure you recognize them. Nothing in the world is certain, after all.

Slight disruptions could be on the radar for your professional life in June. However, Venus’s influence in favor of Sagittarians will be positive, and the slight boost of energy Mars contributes to the sign Sagittarius will also be a boon to Scorpios as well. That’s about all we can say on the month of June. It will be a month with an average amount of support from the stars and no major high points. This isn’t exactly thrilling, but an average month is satisfying, at least. Perhaps Jupiter will have a special surprise in store for you this month - anything’s possible, after all.

July – September

After the first week of July, Mercury will be in the related sign Leo. It feels right at home there. If you’re not on vacation, this will be a time to expect very positive success in your job. Venus will be reacting from the opposition sign Gemini, leading to exaggerations. You might tend towards wastefulness, break your diet, be too concerned with superficial matters, or even act immorally. That’s the way life is sometimes, but each one of us is the master of our own fortunes. Mars’s influence will show Scorpios where they should utilize their potential and strength. And we will still have to thank Jupiter for maintaining its good position.

August isn’t a month for extraordinary success at work; it simply isn’t in the stars. Of course, every little bit helps, but you will have a much more difficult time achieving good results. Mercury will also be in retrograde, so very precise work will be required once again. Venus will be sending Scorpios a good amount of pleasure and feeling. However, she also has some improvements up her sleeve in the last days of the month. After that point, she will be radiating plenty of love and passion over Sagittarians. Wonderful. Mars will also be in peak form, delivering so much energy you might even get an urge to clean those windows. And, once again, all our thanks go to Jupiter!

When it comes to the stars, September still isn’t an ideal time in your professional life. You’ll still have to do twice as much work to achieve the same result, quite a discouraging circumstance. Venus will be holding its wonderful position through the second third of the month, a real doozie. Her involvement will cool off radically after that, but this is something we’ve all seen before. There’s nothing left for us to do but sit back and wait for her attentions to return - we can certainly rely on enjoying them again soon. Mars advises Sagittarians to take care of themselves and look out for their health.

October – December

Job and Creativity - new opportunities in October

Mercury will be in Libra in October, a beneficial position, until it moves to Scorpio in the middle of the month. This is still beneficial, but won’t have the same positive effect. Venus will be in a square until the middle of the month, which isn’t exactly ideal.

Afterward, however, Venus will be moving to Pisces and things will once again suddenly seem great. All signs point to a great time for love. Mars still advises you to save your energies until it enters Libra in the third part of the month, once again delivering pleasant, welcome energy. Unfortunately, Jupiter will be withdrawing its influence from Sagittarius after the first third of the month. Many thanks! We’re going to miss him. But he’ll come again.

Mercury will be entering your own sign Sagittarius after the first days of November, meaning that this will be the absolute best time of the year in your professional life. Anything is possible now, if you use the opportunities available to you. Salary increases, new jobs, promotions to a higher position, etc. Venus’s influence will also continue to be good throughout the entire month, and Mars will be in a positive position. All in all, you should feel satisfied.

Saturn will finally be leaving Sagittarius in December. This is the best news you could get - many things will seem to run more smoothly now. Mercury will still be in your own sign Sagittarius, the best possible position it could be in. This will remain a very good time for your professional life. If only Mercury didn’t return to retrograde after the initial days of December. This could dampen results somewhat, since you will need to watch out for communication difficulties. Be absolutely precise in your work; that’s the way to avoid most errors and ensure nothing stands in your way of achieving great results. Mars once again advises you to save your strengths. You should take him seriously.    

The Sign Sagittarius – Goodness and Justice

Sagittarians have a keen sense for justice, and an especially well-developed sense of social responsibility. They are intellectual workers and love to travel. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Sagittarius.


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