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Taurus 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

The stars will be very favorable towards the sign Taurus in the 2017 horoscope.
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Taurus 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

The stars will be very favorable towards the sign Taurus in the 2017 horoscope. Scroll down

Taurus 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

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Thanks to the planet Mercury, Taurans will be starting the new year with lots of positive energy. Venus and Mars will also be acting from Pisces to provide strength for career and love. April will bring good professional prospects once again, as Mercury enters your own sign. The summer months also promise to be sunny, both with regard to professional prospects and interpersonal relationships. In a time when so much luck and happiness abounds, the end of the year is a good time to take a step back and gather strength, so you can start the new year with plenty of energy!

January – March

On the business front, the year will begin very well in January with a positive aspect between Mercury and the sun of Taurus. Nevertheless, you should be careful as the planet of intelligence, Mercury, will still be retrograde in the initial days of the year. But for the rest of the year, nothing stands in the way of good success. Things also look similarly good for love, as well as for professional ambitions - both of the planets responsible for these, Venus and Mars, will be acting from Pisces, a positive development. It will be a great start to the year!

After the stars had provided such strong support at the beginning of the year, they will begin to withdraw their influence somewhat. In February, this means you’ll have to work just a little bit harder to achieve similar results as you did in January. Or, you can react quite differently - if you’re a Taurus, you might decide it’s time to really enjoy life once again. This is another alternative, and a more pleasurable way to approach things.

Things will be heating up once again in your career, since Mercury has moved into Pisces during the final days of February. It will stay there until around the middle of March, so Taurans can certainly count on Mercury’s support and good results during this time. Your love life will calm down a bit in March, meaning a little more tenderness is called for here. Mars, an energy planet, will be moving to Taurus in the second third of the month, meaning it will be in full power. You’ll have the strength to move mountains!  

April – June

Professional prospects will remain very good. Mercury will be moving into your own sign Taurus at the start of April, so you can expect peak results in the first third of the month. Then, however, Mercury will become retrograde. Great care and prudence is appropriate during this time, since you will have to face communicative difficulties. Venus will also be in high spirits for almost the entire month, a very positive state, and Mars will also continue to exercise a great amount of influence. A peak month!

After the peak month of April, the powerful influence of the stars over almost all areas of our lives will begin to wane slightly; life will go on, running along its normal pathways, and everything will become calmer and more contemplative. For this reason as well, May will also offer plenty of time for Taurans to really celebrate their birthdays, always a highlight of the year. This year, however, your birthday will be one highlight among many.                   

Venus will dominate in June. It will be moving into your own sign Taurus during the early days of June. For some Taurans, this could make this time the highlight of the entire year. Anything is possible. You might find a new partner, perhaps even your soul mate for life. Or, if you’ve already found your soul mate, now would be the best time to say yes and make it official. All other areas of life will be more average. So let’s raise a glass to love!

July – September

Mars will be in Cancer in July, sending lots of power and energy to Taurans from there. It is the planet that provides the most support during the first two thirds of July. This would be the right time to get involved in projects that require a large amount of energy, as they will demand strength and power as well. The effects exercised by other planets on love or professional matters will be average. 

Mercury will be in the related sign of Virgo for the entire month of August, from which it will pull on Taurus with its reasonable and intellectual forces. The overall effect will be highly positive. However, Mercury will be in retrograde starting in the middle of the month, so errors and misjudgments could result. Increased attentiveness is required during this time. August will also be another peak month for love. What more could you want?

Career prospects will continue to be successful in September. Mercury will end its retrograde period during the first days of the month, so nothing will stand in your way any longer. It will continue to remain in the related sign Virgo, creating a promising trine, and will act with the full force of the studious and frugal Virgo. This will have a positive effect on Taurans. The other planets will relax somewhat.

October – December

In October, professional successes will wane to a normal level. You can’t always go full steam ahead at all times, after all. However, Venus will return to the limelight during this period. It will create a promising trine with the sun of the Taurans, once again indicating increased activity in the love area. It’s high time to go looking for love once again. Mars will be lending its full support and inexhaustible power to these activities.

November is certainly not the best month for Taurus, from an astrological perspective. Scorpio’s opposition will be affecting Taurus in several areas. As we all know, good times cam sometimes follow bad, and vice versa. That’s the way the world is, after all. It will be an average month with few positive peak experiences. However, the individual horoscopes of some Taurans are so unusual that a few of them might still enjoy a lucky break.

Starting at the beginning of December, Mercury will be in retrograde once again for another three weeks. Be attentive when signing contracts or entering into negotiations or agreements. Of course, there’s nothing to be done about official notifications - these were already initiated some time ago. However, during the last 10 days of December Mercury will be in direct motion, and most disruptions will have passed. A week before the end of the month, thank God, Venus will back in peak condition, leading to expectations of a positive end to the year.

The Sign Taurus – Patient Scholars

Taurans have a certain drive to research and explore. They use their energy to strive for truthfulness and to develop their abilities. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Taurus.


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