Aries February 2019

What do the stars look like for love, career and health for Aries in February 2019?

February - Plenty of Power

The energy of the sun will flow freely to Aries in February. Your body will cry out for movement to awaken your bones from their winter torpor. Mercury in Aquarius forms a beneficial sextile, favoring all areas having to do with communication. Use this time, which will last through February 10th.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in the sign Aquarius through February 18th, forming a positive sextile from which the sun’s energy can flow freely and send Aries plenty of vitality and a zest for life. You will feel resolute and have the will you need to make your ideas a reality. After 2/18, the sun will move into the neighboring sign of Pisces. Afterwards will follow a fairly neutral period for the sun when you will be able to work without interruption and will experience no obstacles.

Mars, the planet of energy will remain in your sign Aries. You will continue to feel very strong energy, so make sure you handle it in the right way. Overworking yourself during this time would be the worst response, and your body could decide to go on strike.


Now is the time to find the right balance. Playing sports or going on lots of walks is important to keep your body in shape. After 2/18, Mars will move into the other neighboring sign Taurus; the high burst of energy will taper off somewhat, and you will be able to work again under normal conditions.

Jupiter, the great planet of luck will remain in a favorable position and you can continue to expect fortunate happenings. Don’t forget education during this time; education promotes awareness, which is exactly Jupiter’s intention. Knowledge is one of the planet’s highest goals, and you should work to achieve it. This might involve professional training or focusing on a course or seminar in a specialized area. – When it comes to Saturn, your job is to not let the planet get you down. It will continually try to throw up roadblocks for Aries. Avoiding them and showing patience is the right response. Learning patience is one of the tasks Saturn has in store for Aries this year.

Career, Money and Communication:

Mercury will be in the sign Aquarius through February 10th to form a favorable sextile. It will be positively influencing anything related to communications. You will be able to express yourself clearly in writing and speech, your mind will feel clear and agile, and you will be able to make new contacts and good business deals if you work hard to do so. After 2/10 Mercury will be moving to the neighboring sign of Pisces and its positive influence will wane slightly. Mercury will be taking up a fairly neutral position, providing neither beneficial nor disruptive influences, and you will be able to finish your work in peace.

Love, art, and happy moments:

Venus will be in a very positive position through February 3rd, so make sure to use this opportunity. If you’re single and ready to mingle, then any affairs of the heart will be favored and you are sure to achieve the results you’re looking for if you are charming and loving enough. After all, these are the characteristics the goddess of love promotes. Afterwards, the planet will be forming a square to Aries through the end of the month. This means that all those positive developments could start to show their negative side. Erotic attraction, for instance, could become overblown and tend towards animalistic compulsion. You could also experience small disadvantages, distractions, losses, or tend to be wasteful or get annoyed with your family. A diplomatic attitude is the best response!

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