Yearly Horoscope Cancer 2019

What do the stars say about love, career and health for Cancer in 2019?

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Cancer 2019

(June 22nd - July 22nd) - Upward trend

Jupiter, the planet of luck will remain in the sign Sagittarius through 12/2/2019. It will be in a quincunx aspect, which is generally an time of focusing on reorientation and continued education. Jupiter, the lord of all ideals, will value your hard work during this time, and is certain to reward Cancers who focus their energies. After 12/2, Jupiter will form a highly positive trine. Rewards are sure to follow during this period, when you will enjoy many exciting opportunities. Don’t be discouraged by the opposition of Saturn, who will be a strict teacher. The planet might test Cancers with obstacles now and then, but the path laid out by Jupiter and laden with many positive opportunities for a strong future will be clear. Follow it without wavering. The impact of these two key planets points to a clear upward trend!

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