Monthly Horoscope Libra February 2019

What do the stars have to say about love, career and health for the sign Libra in February 2019?

What do the stars have to say about love, career and health for the sign Libra in February 2019?

February - A Hot Time for Love

Although the female side, Venus, will be more restrained, the male energy of Mars will shower down on Libras. Passion or disputes could result.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in the sign Aquarius through February 18th. It will be forming a positive trine, so you will receive lots of impulses and stimulation for your everyday life to make things easier. You will feel balanced and healthy and will enjoy an increase in vitality and ambition. On 2/18 the sun will move into the sign Pisces to form a quincunx aspect with Libra. You should make sure everything in your life is going according to plan; if not, it’s time to make a change.

Mars, the planet of energy and representative of male sexuality, will be in Aries through February 14th. Now is the time the planet will exercise its full power and send impetuosity and sexual vitality to Libras. Some of you won’t be able to get enough of this energy, depending on your temperament, but some people born under the sign of Libra could find rough and unbridled emotions to be too much and may find themselves in conflict with others.

Libras (male and female alike) make no concessions in terms of love. They will attempt to assert their interests at any cost. Mars will feel the effects in men and women alike; after all, everyone has both the masculine energy of Mars and the feminine love of Venus within themselves. A female Libra might come into contact with a man strongly under the influence of Mars during this time, and in contrast a male Libra might come into contact with a woman strongly under the planet’s influence. Anything could happen, from an awakening of sexual energy to some “hands on” action. After 2/14, the planet Mars will move into the sign Taurus, and its intensity will reduce somewhat.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will continue to impact your life with a positive sextile aspect through December 2nd, a positive development. You will feel good and want to enjoy life. You will not feel much interest in being active, even though you will have plenty of energy. Nevertheless, you may enjoy the fruits of former labors; after all, Jupiter (the planet of luck) is still in play.

Saturn, unfortunately, will be impacting your life from a square aspect and you will probably continue to focus delays and obstacles. There’s nothing for it but to overcome these obstacles and develop the toughness you need to do so.

Career, money and communication:

Mercury, the planet of understanding, will be in Aquarius and forming a favorable trine from which the planet will have a positive impact on your life. Your thoughts will be clear, as will your speech and writing, and your mind will be working perfectly. This is a great time for business deals. After 10/2, Mercury will be in Pisces and forming a quincunx aspect from which the planet will take on a different quality. It will encourage you to consider whether you need to make any changes in your career.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

Venus will be in Sagittarius for the first three months of the year and in an excellent position, after which it will move into Capricorn. There it will be in a square position which will demand caution. However, Mars will have a very strong influence on Libras this month. Anything is possible in terms of love, and Libras can decide how far they want the planet to go.

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