Sagittarius monthly horoscope January 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in January 2019?

January - A Wonderful Start to the New Year

Venus will be treating Sagittarians especially well starting in the second week of January.  Jupiter, the planet of luck, will also be affecting the sign from a special position for eleven whole months! In January, this means Sagittarians could be treated to lots of small gifts and treats. Look to hear a friendly word or receive a positive gesture from your partner, family, and friends. If you do so, you will discover the love of Venus and surprises Jupiter offers in a conscious and aware way.

Vitality and Well-Being:

Die Sonne bringt Energie

The sun will be in the neighboring sign Capricorn through January 20th and forming a semi-sextile to Sagittarius. It won’t have much influence in this position, meaning the sun will send neither highly favorable nor highly obstructive energy. The vital energy of the sun will be at a normal level, so you should work harder yourself if you want to perform well. After 1/20 the sun will be forming a favorable sextile that will last throughout the entire month. You will feel a significant boost in energizing power from the celestial body, and your body and spirit will be in harmony.

Mars, the planet of energy will be in Aries throughout the entire month except for the first and forming a positive trine. You will experience strong energies that bring courage, boost your ability to work hard, and give you the willpower to push through. You will also feel strong sexual energy that you should utilize; after all, Mars is the planet of male sexuality.

Jupiter’s Gifts to Sagittarians

Jupiter, the planet of luck will be in your own sign Sagittarius for the next 11 months, which is an optimal position that only comes around once every 12 years. Practice awareness during these months. The week of the transit - while Jupiter is moving through Sagittarians’ birthdays - will open up new opportunities for personal development. You’ll generally have good relationships with your supervisors, which could signal professional success. You might even get some public recognition or special reward like a prize, resulting in praise and protection. All kinds of education and intellectual development are favored during this time, and this is also a good chance to focus on your character. Last but not least, you could also achieve some impressive financial success during this time, but be careful not to behave indulgently, as Jupiter might encourage you to do. Keep your feet on the ground so you don’t risk all those good results.

Saturn will be in the neighboring sign of Capricorn throughout the entire year. It will form a semi-sextile aspect and have no influence, which is a good thing.

Career, Money, and Communication:

Mercury will be in your own sign Sagittarius throughout the first five days, which is an optimal position for Sagittarians. Many of us will still be on vacation, so you won’t be able to utilize Mercury’s gifts as well as you otherwise might. However, they will likely benefit you in your relationships with your partner and family members. From January 5th through 24th, Mercury will then be in the sign Capricorn. As it forms a semi-sextile aspect, it will not have any specifically favorable influence, but likewise will not hinder you either. You will be able to handle your professional obligations with little trouble.


Es läuft bei den Schützen - nicht nur im Job

On 1/24, Mercury will then move into the sign Aquarius. As it forms a positive sextile, it will once again send its best qualities down to Sagittarians. You will enjoy lots of success during this time.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

After January 7th the goddess of love, Venus will be in your own sign Sagittarius, so it will send its optimal attentions to Sagittarians. Love, beauty, goodness, and art will all be sending good gifts to Sagittarians. Be sure to send the planet many thanks!

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