Monthly Horoscope Scorpio May 2019

How do the stars stand for the Zodiac sign Scorpio in May 2019 in love, work, and health?

How do the stars stand for the Zodiac sign Scorpio in May 2019 in love, work, and health?

The goddess of love recommends tenderness

Scorpio will need sleep and protection in the first half of the month so that they will be able to prove their resilience and perform honest work from May 21st. Venus will provide for exciting love encounters with a lot of fire and tenderness.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will stand in the counter sign Taurus until May 21st, resulting in an opposition. You should now step down a bit and protect your health. Healthy food would be right now, enough sleep too, and strenuous vacations or work assignments should far be avoided, which will bring relaxation for body, soul, and spirit. In May 21st, the sun will move to the Zodiac sign Gemini, resulting in a quincunx aspect giving way to new orientation. So if improvements are needed, you will take the necessary steps and start working. You know one should always dedicate ourselves to what is required. You will not do it immediately; you will surely have other occasions later, and your projects will have the chance to succeed.

The planet of energy Mars will stand in Gemini until May 16th, resulting in a quincunx angle that more or less indicates undisturbed energy flowing from the star. On May 16th Mars will move to the water sign Cancer, giving way to a favorable trigon. Mars will now bring more courage, joy in risk and adventure, desire to work and a strong desire to express your sexuality and other impulses. You will also feel the need to start something new, and you will be willing to do it.

Lucky Planet Jupiter will still be in Sagittarius and will only form a semi-sextile so you will have to make an effort if you wish to achieve something extraordinary. With so much luck you will hardly be able to count on Jupiter. This time will be very favorable for self-education. Jupiter will reward the effort later since this planet appreciates idealistic aspirations.

Saturn will be in Capricorn and will provide for a pleasant sextile all year round, which means that you will have now an extreme resilience; you will have a lot of energy, and you will reach all of your set goals. Tasks transferred to you will be meticulously and satisfactorily fulfilled. If you are ready to contribute much, this trasition journey will bring in the long run huge advantages.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stand in Aries until May 6th, donating a quincunx aspect that more or less indicates regular work. In the course of the May 6th, Mercury will then move to Taurus, resulting in an opposition. You should now keep on guard since mistakes and misunderstandings, and even unsincere situations could occur. Nevertheless, Scorpios are profound people and are not easily deceived.

The opposition will last until May 21st, then Mercury will move to the Zodiac sign Gemini, thus forming a quincunx angle. It is time to reorder certain situations.

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love and art will stand in Aries until May 15th, and this she will fiercely appreciate. Reacting too vigorously may not be the best course of action, a considerable amount of tenderness is never wrong. After May 15th the situation will get even more intense. So be careful!

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