Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon -

Yearly horoscope 2018 - The year of love

Venus will be taking the reigns in 2018. The planet fosters love, friendship and creativity.
Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon -

Yearly horoscope 2018 - The year of love

Venus will be taking the reigns in 2018. The planet fosters love, friendship and creativity. Scroll down


Leo 2018

07/23 - 08/23

Yearly horoscope 2018

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Yearly horoscope 2018 - a new year of Venus

Just like back in 2011, according to the 100-year-old Farmer’s Almanac by Mauritius Knauer, 2018 will once again be a year dominated by the planet Venus (March 21st, 2018 to March 20th, 2019).

And, once again, all signs point towards a good year for love, romance, and truly enjoying deep friendships. Of course, that doesn’t mean the whole world’s going to fall head over heels in love - instead, a Venus year is a time for all of us to emphasize togetherness, look for areas of commonality, and learn to truly value one another.

In contrast to last year’s sun-dominated year, which was focused much more on self-realization and the individual, everything this year revolves around community.

Love and partnership

As the information above makes clear, of course, anyone who spends this year looking for a new partner is apt to see more doors open to them and have an easier time taking a chance on love. As we all know, without trust, it’s tough to find love. Anyone who can trust others enough to let them in first and make a connection will throw open the gates to love. In any case, this year will have us all longing to feel “at home” with others and looking for more closeness in our lives.

If you’re already in a partnership, this year might have you feeling a push for even more commitment. A Venus year tends to have us all looking for extra security. That makes this an ideal year for weddings and engagements!

Friendship, family & community

Repentance, forgiveness, and togetherness are the three keywords for this year of Venus. Venus encourages us to work together and seek out common ground. This could be a year for new friendships, or one to deepen acquaintances you already have. Familiar topics will be even more of a focus in all our lives this year.

Career and advancement

Venus encourages us to get more accomplished through teamwork. Loners will have a tougher time. Innovation and progress will grow from working together, and anyone who cultivates teamwork will certainly see a payoff this year. 

Year of the Venus 2018 | Photo: © goodluz -

Anyone who spent last year’s sun-dominated year finding out what to do with their future can now concentrate all their energies on laying the groundwork to achieve their goals. In addition, now is a good time to make professional decisions based on material aspects. Venus will have all of us looking for more prosperity and more security. That means it’s a great year for the arts as well. Art, music, and culture experience an upswing in Venus years. Whether you’re a professional artist or a creative hobbyist: You might see a wave of creativity wash over you this year, releasing a unique amount of energy.


Even if a Venus year is generally a welcome change, there will still be some difficulties to overcome. While it’s good that Venus boosts our ability to enjoy the pleasures of life, some people might fall into the trap of overdoing it. If you’re the sort who tends to overeat, a Venus year might add a few pounds on the scale. If you drink a few too many now and then, you won’t be doing your body any favors either.

During a Venus year, all of us tend to focus more on our communities - however, we need to be careful not to subsume our own needs and goals to those of the group. Even if we’re members of a team, we’re all still individuals with our own objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. Opportunism and looking for admiration are both pitfalls to be avoided.

The 2018 horoscope for every sign


Reorientation and change will be the two major themes for Aries in 2018. Jupiter will be in a quincunx to its own sign almost the entire year, encouraging us all to make a big change while it’s in this position. You might feel the urge to make a change especially in January, March, July, August, and September. Aries will spend this year rediscovering themselves and trying out new things. Unfortunately, Saturn will continue to throw obstacles in their way again and again. It will be in Capricorn throughout the year, causing delays from this position. These can often be quite troublesome to an impatient Aries, however, if they can push their projects through these difficult trials, they’ll be all the more successful on the other side!

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Horoscope 2018 | Photo: © Ekaterina Pokrovsky -

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Reorientation and change will also be the themes of the year for Geminis this year, as they’re also influenced by the quincunx of Jupiter to their own sign. And since Jupiter is our lucky planet as well, these fundamental changes are also sure to bring blessings along with them. Since Geminis will also see Saturn, the “inspector” in a quincunx position for the entire year, the topic of change will be even more urgent. Geminis should definitely think about continuing their education. In addition, Saturn indicates that you should be thinking more about your health during 2018.

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The sign Leo will be joining Geminis in a focus on health. For Leos as well, Saturn will be in a quincunx position to their sign throughout the entire year, encouraging them to take steps to protect their own health. Jupiter’s position is also favorable for such concerns. All this means that the key to success in 2018 will be “everything in moderation.” Discipline and taking a structured approach are important now. Leos will also be seeing the first high point of the year in March. This will be a very balanced time, and a great time for love as well. June will also be especially love-focused. Venus will be showing off its most loving and pleasant side as it enters your own sign Leo. That makes it an ideal time for engagements and weddings. For singles, this is also a wonderful time to find new love.

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Libras can look forward to a great year for love. For a period of four months from August to November, Libras will see the high point of their year for love. That might help them get through the tougher times caused by Jupiter and Saturn in 2018. Saturn will form a square with Libra, your own sign, throughout the whole year. That means you should expect lots of challenges. Unwelcome delays might occur during this time, and projects that have been going through a rough patch might fail altogether. Jupiter won’t be in view for almost the whole year, which means it can’t bring any relief. It will only start influencing things again after November 8th, and will bring wonderful and happy times through the end of the year.

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The sun will be moving into Aquarius right at the beginning of the year, on January 20th. That means Aquarians have every reason to celebrate. This positive energy will be continuing throughout the year, as Jupiter will form a square with Aquarius through November 8th. Jupiter will be supporting any projects Aquarians want to take on from this position. However, it will also be encouraging them to look at things realistically, and not just build castles in the sky. Even though most of the year will be spent in a festive mood, it’s also especially important to find time for peace and level-headedness. This year of Aquarius might feel more like a rollercoaster ride. Aquarians should therefore strive to emulate Sagittarius, whose motto is: “Strength lies in serenity.”

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2018 will be relatively quiet for Sagittarius. Jupiter won’t be paying the sign much attention, and Saturn will be forming a sextile with the sign, and will only have a weak effect on sun-signs in general. However, Sagittarians certainly shouldn’t feel disappointed. A relaxed year like this also has its advantages, and thanks to the sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars, there will be good times spread throughout the year. Sagittarians should stay conscientious and be sure to enjoy them. August to October, for example, will be one such period. Venus will be in action, sending lots of love your way. Venus will be in retrograde starting in early October, and this is a time when an old flame might reappear. Then all that peace and quiet might be at an end ...

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Taurus will be tasked with holding powerful, cosmic energies in balance in 2018. Jupiter will be in Scorpio through November 8th, and will therefore be in opposition to your sign. From this position, it will make you aware of incomplete and upcoming projects and goals. If Taurans have unrealistic expectations about such plans, they might just lose their footing this year. A good friend will be a valuable asset. Saturn in Capricorn will also bring a sense of stability and resilience. Taurus will also experience high points of the year in April and May, while September will be a time for more tempestuous feelings. And Jupiter, which will be changing its influence towards the end of the year, will be supporting continued training and education especially starting in November.

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Even when Cancer isn’t having such a great time in 2018, it will have Jupiter’s optimistic energy on its side. The lucky planet will be giving Cancers a good amount of confidence and awakening their creative forces. Unfortunately, Saturn will be in a challenging position. It might be responsible for a variety of annoying delays and obstacles in the new year.
With all of this, it’s no wonder Cancers might be asking themselves if they want to or need to make a change in February of 2018. The thing to do in March and April is stay optimistic, as a great time for love awaits in May and June for Cancers. And by July, Cancers can look forward to a wonderful period for both love and career. You’ll have the sun, Venus, and Mercury to thank for it!

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Horoscope 2018 | Photo: © velazquez -

The darlings of fortune

Virgo will be one of this year’s happiest signs in 2018. It will be under the influence of the lucky planet, Jupiter, throughout the entire year. Jupiter will be sending Virgos relaxation, optimism, and lots of happy moments both big and small. Everything will fall into place under the planet’s influence. In addition, Saturn will form a trigon with Virgo, and will have a stabilizing influence on your life.
July might just be the best month of the year for Virgos, since Venus will be moving into your sign on July 10th. From meeting a new partner to celebrating your engagement or a new addition to your family - you will see developments in love depending on where you are in life. Virgos will be able to take this positive energy with them as they move through the next few months. September will be a peak month when it comes to your career. In addition to all the high times, however, there will be plenty of regular, everyday life and things that don’t go as well as you planned. However, overall this year really does have good things in store for Virgos.

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Scorpio, however, will be absolutely on top of the world in luck and love, and all with Jupiter’s blessing! Jupiter only moves into your own sign every 12 years. That means financial gains, happiness in every area of your life, and success at work. Scorpios have an excellent change for happiness especially around their birthdays. In addition, Saturn will also be in a highly favorable sextile. This will bring good physical health with it, as well as recognition. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” could be the Scorpio’s motto for 2018. Scorpios will also have a lot to look forward to in the fall, especially! Venus will be bringing lots of love energy for several weeks.

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Capricorn will enjoy a great start to the year. In January, the sun will be in your sign, sending lots of energy and power. Jupiter will also be in a very positive position for almost the entire year, bringing relaxation and optimism. However, Saturn will also have a few stumbling blocks for Capricorns as well. Problems small and large will arise throughout March, April, and May, and will have to be dealt with. Luckily, Mars will be sending some confidence your way, and Venus will be contributing warm and positive thoughts. The end of the year will be quite a romantic time for Capricorns. Venus will be in a favorable sextile, and things will also be looking up in the career area as well. Mercury will be sending a strong boost of energy, promoting intellectual work and good communication.

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Horoscope 2018 | Photo: © -

Saturn will prove a powerful partner to Pisces. The planet will be supporting Pisces throughout the whole year. Pisces are resilient, and can handle quite a bit. Sensitive, thoughtful Pisces should get ready, as April will pose a test to their good faith attitudes. However, the aggressive power of Saturn will be a big help. A fairly long period of change will also be coming up for Pisces this year. The summer months will bring lots of challenges. From changes in your relationships, to communication difficulties, and some tough times in making important projects happen. However, Saturn will give you the strength you need to get through it all! At the end, Pisces will be rewarded with a unique star treat: In October, Venus will be sending especially strong love signals from a favorable throughout the entire month. The sun and Mercury will also have an effect from their trigon position. This time is likely to be a good one for love, energy, and success.

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2018 will be the year of Venus for all of the signs. If you’re paying attention to the energies around you, you’ll be able to react better to everyday situations, understand why things aren’t working the way you want, and have a better attitude when you do experience good fortune. We’d like to wish all of our readers a magical year full of love, energy, and inspiring moments. Don’t forget to get caught up in the moment, be aware of all the gifts the universe is sending you, and enjoy your life to the fullest extent.

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