Monthly Horoscope Aquarius May 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in May 2018?

May – Powerful energies and plenty of love

The sun will still be in Taurus through May 21st and in a square position. It’s very likely other people won’t see you as positively as you might expect - a tough thing for Aquarians, who are usually so good with people. Instead, people might seem to be against you. Although this can be a major disappointment, that’s how life is sometimes. This is the time to defend your position. If we know Aquarians, then it’s likely you can do this with plenty of charm. The sun will end its square position on May 21st as the sun enters the sign Gemini. This is an optimal position for the sun as it forms a favorable trine from which it can deliver strong vitality and energy to Aquarians.

Upheaval in Your Professional Life

Mercury will start off in a very positive position with its sextile aspect in Aries, so your professional life and communications will be working well. If you’ve learned to live with the stars, you’ll use this opportunity and step on the gas so you can achieve great things in your career. After May 13th things won’t be as easy as they were under the conditions of the sextile, as Mercury enters the sign Taurus and forms a square. As we’ve seen in the past, you’ll have to work harder to achieve good results as disruptions, misunderstandings, and errors might occur.

Positive Trine Movement

Venus will still be moving through the sign Gemini, which will be a highly beneficial and varied movement for Aquarians. The planet can deliver lots of benefits from this position and positive effects. These kinds of positive results are common from trine movements. Aquarians are likely to see a new focus on love, art, and beauty. What they need to do is enjoy this beneficial time, even if they let it pass by without taking advantage of it. On May 19th Venus will enter the sign Cancer, forming a quincunx aspect. From there the planet will be encouraging you to consider whether you need to make any changes in your life. Well, do you?

Mars Makes Us Determined

Mars will remain in Capricorn through May 16th, continuing to deliver plenty of energy before it enters the sign Aquarius on this date, resulting in an unbelievable boost of energy. You’ll have a strong will, will feel on top of your game physically, and will also be able to perform much better than usual. However, you should be sure not to act too brashly or impetuously.

Instead, try to use your powerful energy in a balanced way to achieve the best possible results.

Outstanding Results Thanks to Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will be forming a square with Aquarius through November 8th. That means that you’ll be able to achieve outstanding results during this time despite the square if you don’t make the mistake of losing your balance. Don’t get overconfident - Jupiter pushes us in that direction. Balance will be the watchword during this transit, if you see a good opportunity. Disciplined action and self-control are also important. If you keep everything under control, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. Should a legal dispute come up, now is the time to compromise or just give in.

Saturn forms a semi-sextile aspect    

Saturn will be merciful throughout the year, forming a semi-sextile which means it will have only a weak influence. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors nevertheless – ones you might be making again this year from time to time, or even avoiding altogether.

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