Monthly Horoscope Aries April 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in April 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in April 2018?

April – New momentum

The sun will stay in Aries through April 20th, which is why those of you born under this sign have your birthdays this month. Aries will feel a strong boost of energy, as well as new momentum that promises success in all you do. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Your birthday is always a special day, and you should pay close attention to everything that happens. Often, these are the events that can shape whole areas of your life as you enter a new year. The sun will move into your neighboring sign, Taurus, on April 21st. This is a neutral position, which means all kinds of opportunities will still be open to you if you only take advantage of them.

The Pathway to Success

Mercury will remain in Aries throughout the month, which means this will stay the high point of the year for communication. Your mind will be working at full capacity; business endeavors will seem easier than usual, you’ll be on the phone a lot and find it easy to express yourself. That means this would also be a very good time to look for a new job if you’re ready to make a change.

Love Takes Work

Venus will be in Taurus through April 24th. This is one of Aries neighboring signs and a neutral position for your love life. That means this will generally be a good time for love. However, if you are looking for a new partner you need to take an active role. Partners are unlikely to show up out of the blue under this constellation. However, all that work you put into finding love is sure to pay off. Venus will then move into Gemini on April 25th, which promises improvements in the love area. So keep your eyes open if you want to find new love - this will be a great time for all affairs of the heart. Old relationships are sure to blossom as well.   

Mars will still be in Capricorn, where it will remain for the entire month. This means it will create a square with Aries, so this is a good time to take things down a notch and take care of yourself. You won’t have to use all your energy, so focus on your health.

Work Actively on New Projects

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio through November 8th, creating a quincunx aspect that generally signifies another realignment. You’ll probably know whether this applies to you or not. If it does, then this is the time to get active in this area of your life. And since you have almost a whole year to do that, you could definitely have some success in restarting certain areas of your life.

Saturn will be forming a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. After all, Saturn is the planet of fate. It doesn’t forget anything but instead gives us exactly what we deserve for anything we’ve done in past lives. Things will get tough now and then, and you might feel like time’s just dragging on. This is the time to learn patience.

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