Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in March 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in March 2018?

March – The High Point of the Year

The sun will be entering the sign Aries on March 21st. It will stay there through April 20th, which is why Aries have their birthday during this time frame. Congratulations! This is the time to make a new beginning since this is the start of a new astrological cycle. (the normal year started on January 1st). During these days and weeks, Aries will be in focus, and this is a great time to make a new start. Projects you start now will probably see a happy conclusion, as the sun will be delivering new energy to Aries.

Enjoying Your Everyday Work

Mercury also has some happy news. It will be entering Aries starting on March 7th. It will also be staying there for quite a while, namely through May 13th. You’ll be on an intellectual high during this time, and you’ll be in top mental shape. That means this is a great time for communication of all kinds, and you’re likely to see lots of success in business as well. Aries will enjoy the intellectual high point of the year. However, you should be wary of contracts and agreements from March 24th through April 15th, since Mercury will be in retrograde during this time. As we’ve seen in the past, Mercury can be the prince of thieves when it’s in retrograde. Now is a good time to focus on logic so you avoid errors in your thinking.

Great Time for Love and Family

Venus will also be entering your sign Aries starting on March 7th, then staying there through the end of the month. This will be an excellent time for love and creativity. You’ll feel good and happy about your life. You’ll be relaxed, and you’ll enjoy spending time with other people. This is the time to treat yourself and others, enjoy sensual pleasures, go shopping, and take time to kick back. Other people will perceive you as attractive and sympathetic, so you might also make some new friendships or find a new love.

Let Yourself Relax

Mars will still be in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, where it will stay through March 17th.

Love is in the air

The trine position will continue delivering energy to Aries, and you’ll keep delivering great performance at work. Mars will move into Capricorn after March 17th, forming a square that will stick around through May 16th. Then Mars’s quality will shift, and with it its energy. You might feel your health somewhat diminished, but Mars will still be encouraging you to give your top performance. The only problem is you might feel overworked or even weak. This would be a good time to take things down a notch and set aside time for self-care. The best course of action is to take care of yourself and others.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio through November 8th, creating a quincunx aspect that generally signifies another realignment. You’ll probably know whether this applies to you or not. If it does, then this is the time to get active in this area of your life. And since you have almost a whole year to do that, you could definitely have some success in restarting certain areas of your life.

Saturn will be forming a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. After all, Saturn is the planet of fate. It doesn’t forget anything but instead gives us exactly what we deserve for anything we’ve done in past lives. Things will get tough now and then, and you might feel like time’s just dragging on. This is the time to learn patience.

What are the stars telling about your life?

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