Yearly horoscope Cancer 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Cancer in 2018?


Saturn will be in opposition to Cancer throughout 2018. Cancers will likely have to face delays of all kinds during this time, whether in their personal or professional lives. However, they should make sure not to let that get them down - even if there are a few obstacles to overcome, anyone who keeps their eye on the ball and stubbornly pursues their goals will do well. Cancers will have Jupiter to thank for their success. It will be providing Cancers confidence and optimism throughout almost the entire year, delivering favorable circumstances and awakening your creative potential. And who knows - Cancers might see some great surprises too!

Cancer 2018

However, Cancers might have a tough time starting off the year. In January 2018, the sun, Venus, and Mercury will initially be in opposition to your sign - that means you won’t be seeing any high points in terms of love or career. Ideally, however, Cancers will still be on vacation and can enjoy a relaxed start to the year!

Create your annual plan in February

Need to make a change in your life? In any case, the stars will have you questioning things a little more closely in February 2018. Ideally, Cancers would take this time to make an inventory and decide what they want 2018 to look like and what their primary goals are. However, Cancers are likely to see a more dynamic time starting in mid-February. Venus will be sending harmony in your love and family life, Mercury will be supporting you in your career, and the sun will be giving you a boost of vitality.

This upward trend will continue through mid-March 2018. However, you might see more disagreements after this time. Mars will be delivering an extra boost of energy which, if misdirected, might show up in the form of strife and disputes. In addition, the sun will have a disruptive influence on Cancers. You should expect obstacles.

Unfortunately, this trend will continue in April 2018. Especially since Mercury will be disrupting communications from its square position, potentially creating difficult misunderstandings. Contracts should be reviewed carefully or, if possible, delayed until Mercury is in a more positive constellation.

Enjoying love in May and June

Luckily, however, all signs point to a great period in your love and family life! Venus will be ringing in what’s likely to be the best time of the year for interpersonal relationships. Nothing will stand in the way of love in  May 2018 and June 2018 especially, and if you’re looking for the love of your life, you have a good chance of a happy ending. Especially in early May, the sun will be providing support and giving Cancers plenty of vitality and great charisma!

Starting in mid- June 2018, Mercury will also be in a positive position. It will ensure a professional high point to the year, and this is a good time to continue important projects or bring them to a successful conclusion. That means June is a great contender for the title of “Best month of the year!”

During your birthday month, July 2018, the sun will be in your own sign and sending Cancers positive energy and vitality. With all that energy, it won’t matter if Mercury is requiring more attention in your career than usual. Cancers will certainly be able to handle any problems they might face with ease.

Things will be calming down on the career front.

In August 2018, the stars will be withdrawing their support somewhat - Cancers should do the same. This is a good time to avoid major challenges and just be happy everything’s calmed down somewhat, making sure you take every opportunity to relax. And if Cancers do happen to face any upheavals during this time: Just pull on your sneakers and take a jog!

While there probably won’t be any true high points in terms of your career in September 2018, your love life will be going great. Venus will be in a good position, and will support partnerships and friendships while increasing enjoyment all around.

Want to reconnect with someone from your past?

Things might just get interesting in October 2018. Venus could bring you back into touch with someone you loved in your past. So keep your eyes open - you might be in for an exciting meeting. The stars also look good for your career, so Cancers should use this time wisely. Unfortunately, Mercury will be on hand in November to create misunderstandings, which might interfere with important projects. In addition, the sun will be in a quincunx aspect to Cancer, and with the sun in this position, it’s always a good idea to think about making important changes in your life.

Jupiter encourages reflection

This position is reinforced by Jupiter, which will be moving in early November 2018 from its beneficial position in Aquarius into Sagittarius. From there, it will encourage you to think about realignments and new beginnings.

Cancers might find themselves asking fundamental questions at the end of the year, wondering if their lives have been moving in the right direction over the past few months, or whether they’re setting themselves up for success. Essentially, Cancers will be back asking themselves the same questions they already faced at the beginning of the year. They’ll certainly be able to look back on some positive developments.

The end of the year will be especially harmonious. Venus will be in a lucky aspect throughout December 2018, bringing all the comforts of life we crave especially in the cold winter months: Cozy moments with your partner, relaxed days with your family, and great nights with good friends.

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