Monthly Horoscope cancer july 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Cancer in July 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Cancer in July 2018?


July – The sun sends dynamism

Cancers will have their birthdays before July 22nd, and you’re sure to enjoy celebrating with family and friends. The sun will continue to shower more attention on you than on all the other signs during this time with plenty of vitality and energy for the new year. You’ll also get lots of new ideas and inspiration during this time. You will generally feel balanced, healthy, and dynamic and you’ll have good judgment. If you start a new project during this time, you’re very likely to be able to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Job Demands More Initiative

Mercury has already moved into the neighboring sign of Leo, where it will remain throughout the rest of the month. This will create a semi-sextile aspect meaning that Mercury won’t be providing much support at all, and you’ll need to work harder than usual if you want to be successful at your job. Since Mercury will also be in retrograde during the last few days of the month, this is the time to be extra cautious and precise in all your communications to be sure you don’t make mistakes.

Venus will start off the month in Leo, afterwards moving into Virgo on July 10th.

Ein idealer Monat für Geselligkeit

This is a highly favorable position from which it can work to benefit Cancers. You will feel great and cheerful once again thanks to its influence, you’ll be more attractive to others, and you’ll have a greater interest in social gatherings and conversations. This will once again be a very good time for your love life, family, and friends. It’s a good time to solve social or financial problems, should you be facing any.

Are you using your energy in the best way possible?

Mars will still be in Aquarius and continuing to form a quincunx aspect, from which it will continue to encourage Cancers to make sure they’re using their energies in the best way possible or whether they should make some changes.

Jupiter will be in a very good position through November 8th. It will form a trine during this period, which will help you feel great most of the time. You might even feel so great you want to sit around and do nothing. That’s the downside. Since you’ll have lots of creative potential during this time, you should definitely act on your ideas and strike out on new paths. Your relationships with other people will also generally be very good now,and you’ll feel tolerant and generous. This is a good time to make plans and to consider continued education and training. Last but not least, you might even see some unexpected income!

Don’t let Saturn confuse you

Saturn will be in opposition to Cancer throughout the year, which means you can expect delays and obstacles in every area of your life.

Things might move at a snail’s pace at work, for instance. You might start to feel impatient, or like you’re making (almost) no progress at all. The great opportunities Jupiter offers might be wiped out by Saturn – at least in part – but only if you give up. OK? Just something for Cancers to remember. If you keep that in mind, Saturn won’t be able to wear you down. You’ll stay determined, stick to your goals, and achieve great things.

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