Monthly horoscope Gemini July 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Gemini in July 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Gemini in July 2018?

July – Mars Sends Powerful Energy

The sun will be in your neighboring sign of Cancer through July 22nd, forming a semi-sextile. That means you’ll only get weak support from the sun during this time. Personal initiative is key during this time if you want to get a lot done. However, all that will change after July 22nd when the sun moves into Leo, since it will then form a sextile and send plenty of vital energy your way. You’ll be able to work very well with other people once again, and you’ll get positive opportunities to do so.

Mercury will be in a highly favorable position throughout the month of July, forming a sextile that is positive for any business-related negotiation or for intellectual work. You’ll have a strong thirst for knowledge and other people will want to draw upon your expertise as well. You might even have a short trip on your agenda. After July 26th, however, you’ll need to pay close attention once again when signing any contract or agreement as Mercury will be in retrograde and you might face lies, misunderstandings, and errors.

Geminis Tend Towards Wastefulness from Mid-July

Venus will remain in a very good position through July 10th, meaning this will be a good time for love. You’ll be cheerful and kind during this time, which will be contagious. Geminis can expect flirting, small material benefits, and gifts. This will also be a good time for friendship, marriage, and family. Everything beautiful in life will seem to come your way. However, after July 10th Venus will be forming a square and might show you her more negative side once again. You might not be a good partner, might tend towards wastefulness, get angry easier than usual, and get annoyed with your family. There’s nothing you can do about it; you’ll just have to wait until Venus leaves Virgo on August 6th.

Geminis Have Power

However, Mars will send strong support in the form of plenty of power throughout the entire month.

Mars sends a boost of energy

This is also typically associated with good physical health. You’ll feel ready to work and have an increased interest in the opposite sex.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio through November 8th, forming a quincunx aspect this entire time. This is a good time to focus on learning. You might take some continuing education classes after work, for instance, and become a specialist in your field. You should also be careful that you’re not exploited during this time. Traps are waiting everywhere. Be sure not to get too familiar with anyone until you’re absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout all of 2018, another quincunx position. Saturn will be telling you to pay attention to your health during this time, and don’t overdo it. You should also make sure others aren’t taking advantage of you. Don’t be afraid to say no now and then. That means Geminis should have set a goal they want to achieve, then concentrated on it with all their might. But not anymore. Wait until the time is right to focus on a new project

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