Monthly Horoscope Leo May 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in May 2018?

May – Mars comes on too strong

The sun will still be in Taurus and in a square position. You may need to defend yourself or your opinions if you’re attacked. As we’ve seen in the past, that is likely to happen during this time. You can strengthen your own position if you persevere. Of course this usually isn’t easy, and you definitely can’t lay down on the job. Oh well. At least you’ll learn something from all this! After May 21st things will change as the sun moves into Gemini, creating much more favorable conditions. The sun will be a bit more friendly to Leos and provide them with plenty of energy. Many things in your life will seem much easier than usual during this time. Great.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Leos are certain to feel Mercury’s support through May 12th, creating outstanding opportunities in your professional life as well as in your communications. Be sure to use this chance as this optimal position will only last through roughly May 14th, after which the square position could result in certain restrictions. These won’t last too long either, though, as Mercury moves into Gemini on the 29th. This will once again result in very good professional circumstances. Altogether, you’ll be seeing a lot of change from Mercury this month.

Wonderful Time for Love

Venus will be following a similar path, although not in the same order. It will start off in a great position, and you can expect an outstanding time for your love life. Even if this isn’t the best time of the year, it will still be highly positive even for couples who’ve been together a while. Of course, this positive period also extends to art and other beautiful things.

Leos who are artists or artisans will be highly favored during this time and achieve satisfying results if they work hard at their arts or crafts.

Strong Energy from Mars

Mars will be leaving its long retained position in Capricorn on May 16th. From that position it had helped Leos focus on how they’re using their energy and make them aware of any areas they might be simply wasting that energy. However, it will now move into opposition with Leo and will be wasting plenty of energy of its own. This is a good time to be careful and tread lightly - strong boosts of energy can often lead to aggression. Take care, as strife will be in the air. Of course, a good fight can help you resolve things sometimes. Fighting isn’t always bad, but it is still unpleasant.

Opportunities for growth

Jupiter will be forming a square with Leo through November 8th. That means you might achieve some outstanding results during this time. However, you’ll have to avoid one simple error that could destroy everything. That error would be losing a healthy sense of balance, instead becoming arrogant or even “megalomaniacal” Moderation is the key to transits, which are a good opportunity to practice discipline and self-restraint. If you keep everything under control, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. Should a legal dispute come up, now is the time to compromise. As we all know, sometimes it’s better to just give in.

Saturn will form a quincunx aspect to Leo throughout the entire year.On the one hand, this will help you remember to take care of your healthand not become overworked. On the other hand, however, this is also a good time to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of at work. Leos could get a promotion at their jobs if they are a little bit more aggressive and gain attention from their supervisors.


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