Monthly horoscope Leo September 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Leo in September 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Leo in September 2018?

September – I Still Love You

After the high points of the last two months, from the sun’s perspective things are probably going to look a little bit calmer, which will certainly be a welcome sign. The sun is currently still in Virgo, however it will be entering Libra on September 23rd. This will once again create a positive sextile, so you can expect highly positive support from the sun during this time. You can expect your personal initiative to return thanks to the sun, as well as vitality, assertiveness, and a focus on achievement that will renew your passion for your work.

Mercury Goes Quiet

Mercury will be leaving its positive position in Leo, where it has been so long, providing Leos with so many advantages, and entering Virgo on September 6th. You should expect a calmer period to follow. When it moves into Libra on September 22nd, its vitality will increase in a way Leos are sure to feel. Anything related to negotiations, business transactions, and communication generally will be favored once again. You’re sure to notice this trend, and if you use it to your advantage you’re also likely to achieve very positive results.

Stay Loving    

Venus will also be in a highly positive position at the beginning of the month, continuing to radiate its indescribable gifts of love and an enjoyment for art. It will stay there through September 8th, after which it will move into Scorpio and suddenly form a square, withdrawing the precious gifts it had been freely showering down on us.

Now that its gifts of love are diminished, Leos will have to show what they’ve learned during this time. Be sure and say “I love you” whenever your heart commands if you want to keep your lover happy.

Watch Out: Disputes Are In the Air!    

Mars will still be in Capricorn, but will be moving back into Aquarius on September 11th and into another oppositional position. That means Leos will be receiving lots of excessive energy which they’ll need to channel into positive endeavors. Otherwise, disputes will be all around them!

Leos actually don’t like to get into arguments with others; as born leaders, they’re used to radiating an authority that admits no challenges. As you can see, this is a time to focus on the lesson Mars is trying to teach: “Be patient.”

Compromising to achieve your goals   

Jupiter will be forming a square with Leo through November 8th. That means you might achieve some outstanding results during this time. However, you’ll have to avoid one simple error that could destroy everything. That error would be losing a healthy sense of balance, instead becoming arrogant or even “megalomaniacal” Moderation is the key to transits, which are a good opportunity to practice discipline and self-restraint. If you keep everything under control, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. Should a legal dispute come up, now is the time to compromise. As we all know, sometimes it’s better to just give in.

Saturn in a quincunx aspect

Saturn will form a quincunx aspect to Leo throughout the entire year. On the one hand, this will help you remember to take care of your health and not become overworked. On the other hand, however, this is also a good time to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of at work. Leos could get a promotion at their jobs if they are a little bit more aggressive and gain attention from their supervisors.

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