Monthly Horoscope Libra January 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Libra in January 2018?

Balanced Libras should be able to handle friction with humor.

January – Not a Bad Way to Start the Year

The sun will be in Capricorn at the beginning of the year as it always is, forming a square with Libras. Of course, this is certain to bring some difficulties to your life. People might simply have different opinions than you or even work against you. This is always a disappointment. But that’s how life is sometimes; the best thing to do is shore up your position and defend yourself. This doesn’t exactly come naturally to Libras, who love harmony and try to be peacemakers. Things will get better quite suddenly after January 20th as the sun moves into Aquarius and forms a favorable trine. Now the sun will be able to deliver its full vitality and energy to Libras and unleash a flood of positivity.

Working Hard to Reach Your Goals

Mercury will be in Sagittarius to start the month and the year. This is a good position, and indicates that communication should also function very well during this time. Your professional life should go well too. This is a good time for business, and any writing you have to do will be easier than usual. You’ll definitely notice this period once it’s over, as Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 11th, giving up its positive position. It will then form a square, meaning writing won’t be as easy anymore. You’ll have to work a lot harder, and everything will simply take longer. You should also expect to face misunderstandings and irritation. All this will come to an end, however, after January 31st.

Venus’s Shifting Moods

Venus will be in a square position to start the month, so your love life and everything else Venus is responsible for might not work as well as you’d hoped.

This also includes your family life, marriage, friendships, art, and anything having to do with beauty. Venus handles all of these different areas, and is Libra’s planet.

Things will suddenly get better starting on January 18th as Venus moves into Aquarius and delivers its most positive qualities to Libras.

Positive Energies 

Mars will be in Scorpio at the beginning of the month forming a secondary semi-sextile aspect. This means you can’t expect any major boost of energy from Mars, and you certainly won’t feel like you’re bubbling over with power. Things will, however, get better starting January 26th as the planet of energy moves into Sagittarius to form a positive sextile. That means it will definitely have some encouraging energy to deliver to Libras.

What’s Jupiter Up To?

Jupiter, the famous planet of happiness, will be in Scorpio through November 8th. As this is Libra’s neighboring sign, it will form a secondary semi-sextile aspect and will likely deliver very little support to Libras. It won’t come back until after November 8th. But who knows: it might send Libras a few gifts along the way ...

Challenges Await

Saturn will be forming a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. After all, Saturn is the planet of fate. It doesn’t forget anything, but instead gives us exactly what we deserve for anything we’ve done in past lives. Things will get tough now and then, and you might feel like time’s just dragging on. This is the time to learn patience.

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